THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

The Psychological trauma of projection.

trauma of Projection can be seen as a delusional attitude by psychiatry but it can in fact help via looking at the outer self for Self-Behavioural Analysis of many mental disabilities.

































This plays on your emotions giving you trauma of anxiety, paranoia and or traumatic panic. This then results in trauma of voices in the head of paranoid schizophrenia or a traumatic psychotic episode.

Sometimes however medicaments can cause you sublime trauma issues due to its Psychosocial sublime and sleepy effects on your brains reactions to your body language. Put another way the sympathetic and parasympathetic harmony is out of sync in the body/brain barrier of the Central Nervous System. This affects your Peripheral notions with trauma via not looking up correctly because a noise or sound does not correspond correctly within your inner ear/s of blood frequencies that control the body/brain barrier of Tinnitus via brain/body notions that is transferred to the right ear. This then creates body ignorance in the Norm of















you must ridicule that makes some people laugh. That is the psychological trauma of paranoia and anxiety of narration of Norms Psychosocial ridicule that you must overcome. It is a Psychosocial Phobia that you have become Phobic to via that self inflicted paranoia and anxiety of personal scent interaction in the day/night/day continuum of being awake and sleeping electro-chemical self input, unless witchcraft is an inclusion. Only you know your Inner Experiences. That being caused by: lacking certain nutrients or; because you have been gullible enough to mix with the wrong people.

When medication’s issues’ are a concern it is because you need either an Enkephalin or an Endorphin. These two electro-chemicals are in control of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic reactions of the central nervous system that are involved with body ignorance of the body/brain barrier. So I suggest you get some advice from your doctor or care worker concerning this paragraph and webpage.

Enkephalins and Endorphins control Excitory and Inhibitory devices of the body/brain barrier in these two nervous system devices located in the Medulla Oblongata at the base of the brain above the spine.

If you feel slow because your body ignorance is causing anxiety from ‘Fight or Flight’ in the Sympathetic nerve then: the harmony states you need something too cause Disassociation via; ‘Fight and Flight’ and or Disassociation via an Endorphin of the body. This is a medicament that gives the body something to do whilst the brain frequencies get on with it.

These issues are concerned with Psychological trauma of Vestibular Motion Disorder of head motions towards how the inner hearing. These are of the mental illness disability caused by outer Projection-al notions that cause you to become dysfunctional. It is because of stress and pressure causing emotional anxiousness on the ‘Fight’ system of the right hand ear that becomes too Excitory in defiance.

That maybe a time to walk away from a situation should you know yourself to be in the right or cause legal proceedings.

































So again, read those two eBooks for body ignorance to be regained in your physical emotional feeling that have become suppressed into anxiety/depression of your emotional input.

So anyway here - in traumatic emotional panic attacks you don’t know where to look causing the head to notion incorrectly towards your Psychosocial sounds as Psychological trauma of depression of the Parasympathetic harmony being over-stimulated via the Psychological trauma of Sympathetic Flight. This is a factor or fear of Psychological trauma in the Sympathetic reaction of ‘Flight’ trauma where you have no logical reasoning to: wanting to run away from a traumatic Setting. It is also caused by an overload from the Parasympathetic nerve causing disharmonic Psychological trauma of panic (Fight through Psychosocial Anxiousness) instead of the lesser emotional feelings via anxiety/depression ignorance. This is the harmony issues of feeling body ignorant notions of sadness instead of panic attacks via the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous system that should work in co-existence of Psycho Social stability of the Core Identity’s body mental-ism. In other words panic is an electro-chemical formula of anxiousness and paranoia of heat from the Sympathetic nerve instead of harmonic cold feelings of ignorant feelings towards Your Psycho Social feelings of outer saddened trauma of Projection-ism. That being a state formulated from public Psychosocial (everything else) sounds and natured but also denatured noises.


Projection is a psychological trauma, but also trauma of hearing voices in the head. It is an outer perception of sublime voices and notions that create: the Inner Experiences or; psychotic episodes. It is a left hand ear hearing experience of psychotic episodes where life narration is answered via the right hand ear of your body mental-ism known as body ignorance of thought and outer sublime thought intrusions. Psychological trauma is started in the right hand ear that fills the body notion into the left hand ear of psychotic episodes via blood circulation. The right hand hearing of sublime Psycho Social (public interaction) is the ‘Fight’ stimulus of the Sympathetic nerve in the brain. This is via inner brain frequencies affecting the inner hearing of Self notions of Psycho Social interaction.

Trauma of voices in the head is a reactant of traumatic paranoid schizophrenia towards this outer perception and is either: the left inner ear trying to protect itself from traumatic sublime outer issues or; you answering sublime outer Psycho Social perception via the right hand inner ear. Hands and ears are an opposition that is harmonic. These causes can be issued via Confabulation (irrational speech and vision) of spoken notions from your emotions or from thought transferral to the inner ear via: the inner voice box in the throat area.

These are the results of how paranoid schizophrenia forms in yourself due to trauma of paranoia from Script Dissension (talk and noise Energies in the Self of notions that are part of You). In other words your Core Identity that may have become traumatically paranoid due to a lack of body nutrients. This then causes the body/brain barrier communicative dysfunctions.

It can also be from lacking or losing body language of Embodiment (how you show yourself) from yourself by being gullible or stressed out from traumatic Psycho Social (sublime public) via trauma of anxiety and or trauma of paranoia. So saying, the dysfunction of trauma is that your energy of electro-chemistry has become paranoid due to: trauma of anxiety and; stress and pressure trauma from your life story within the body/brain barrier of traumatic Karma (Script (Erving Goffman)).

Projection is an Outer Experience of Karma or Script and so is related to trauma of psychosis. It is also known as blockage via the Inner Experience of thoughts or reading the newspaper or reading this website. In the Norm of Society this Script (everything that is happening all around us via Karma) gives normalised thoughts in the day/night/day continuum. You – if you suffer projection-ism have become dysfunctional in the way you pick up on the brain/body barrier of thoughts from sublime trauma of Psychosocial (noise and public sound) notions.

Society. You are classed as Abnormal to be Normal in Psychology and trauma of paranoia or anxiety disorder trauma causes your sublime nature of looking for traumatic problems that have or are becoming established as trauma of paranoid schizophrenia or anxiety trauma attacks that can also develop into a psychotic episode.

The state of Projection-ism can be used to good effects however via using it for Self-Behavioural Analysis via what I mentioned in my first two Ebooks of staring at a light bulb.

In this method a sense of thought auras can be discovered and answered in a loud fashion to. In this way innuendo and witchcraft also becomes un-cleaved.  In this way sublime Psychosocial thought and or communication - as an outer denial method of psychotic episodes becomes a de-focusing of the light bulb. That being: from outer sublime issues of Script Dissension ridicule that makes some people laugh. That is the paranoia and anxiety that

Anxiousness forms from the Parasympathetic nerve due to the state it causes in ‘Rest and Digest’ of too much informational input towards the body/brain barrier before you practice a Cortical reboot via the left hand ear. This latter is the art of a momentary shutdown of your Peripheral senses. It is achieved via silently blinking a momentary sleep pattern of K-complexes in the brain’s sweeping of the Central nervous system for bodily peripheral notions (sublime actions) and the sensual neuronal glands (sweat). These in turn create blood frequencies that your body defines as body language ignorance from the brain interaction from blood flow in the inner ears at the body conjunction points of brain and Vagus nerve.

Sweat from the Glandular Sensual Neurons creates the Homeostasis that the Vagus nerve controls via hot and cold reactions on the bodily areas. The Vagus nerve also controls speech and thought and has a direct link to the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve that control how you feel in situations of rest and or play, even the Psychological trauma of hearing voices. This is via your emotional input from body ignorance of Endorphins. Put another way ‘Fight or Flight or ‘Rest and Digest’ of your emotional input from outer Psycho Social interaction via Disassociation to a situation or circumstance of Psychological trauma of Projection. This is whether you are resting at home or at play in a public Setting. Disassociation trauma is a key issue within the mental health systems debate of how mental illnesses form in a Core Identity (You).

Disassociation trauma can be incurred via consciousness of body language and how you move. When at home try thinking through situations slowly and watch your body notions and you will see ideals of body language like nodding the head (confirmation) or shaking the head (disconfirmation). There are also the energies involved and with rules of thumb, which can be learnt in Body Mentalists, my second eBook free with the first eBook The Trauma of Voices. Energy is direct contact that body ignorance has been regained and or retained between the body/brain barriers of Homeostatic Script of Karma.

Another form of trauma of Projection that does not involve psychotic episodes or Psychological trauma from hearing voices in the head or the inner voice box is a Psychological panic attack trauma. This is a physical emotional feeling and also relates to the ‘Flight’ in the Sympathetic nerve. It does however have tonal effects sometimes caused via the Psychological trauma of hearing inner voices tones and or blood frequencies. It may also be - just a traumatic physical feeling created via the body/brain barrier of electro-chemical stimulus in the Central Nervous System due to trauma of Peripheral Psycho Social stimulants that you have gathered via scent stimulus.