THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Anxiousness forms from the Parasympathetic nerve due to the state it causes in ‘Rest and Digest’ of too much informational input towards the body/brain barrier before you practice a Cortical reboot via the left hand ear. This latter is the art of a momentary shutdown of your Peripheral senses. It is achieved via silently blinking a momentary sleep pattern of K-complexes in the brain’s sweeping of the Central nervous system for bodily peripheral notions (sublime actions) and the sensual neuronal glands (sweat). These in turn create blood frequencies that your body defines as body language ignorance from the brain interaction from blood flow in the inner ears at the body conjunction points of brain and Vagus nerve.
Sweat from the Glandular Sensual Neurons creates the Homeostasis that the Vagus nerve controls via hot and cold reactions on the bodily areas. The Vagus nerve also controls speech and thought and has a direct link to the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve that control how you feel in situations of rest and or play, even the Psychological trauma of hearing voices. This is via your emotional input from body ignorance of Endorphins. Put another way ‘Fight or Flight or ‘Rest and Digest’ of your emotional input from outer Psycho Social interaction via Disassociation to a situation or circumstance of Psychological trauma of Projection. This is whether you are resting at home or at play in a public Setting. Disassociation trauma is a key issue within the mental health systems debate of how mental illnesses form in a Core Identity (You).
Disassociation trauma can be incurred via consciousness of body language and how you move. When at home try thinking through situations slowly and watch your body notions and you will see ideals of body language like nodding the head (confirmation) or shaking the head (disconfirmation). There are also the energies involved and with rules of thumb, which can be learnt in Body Mentalists, my second eBook free with the first eBook The Trauma of Voices. Energy is direct contact that body ignorance has been regained and or retained between the body/brain barriers of Homeostatic Script of Karma.
Another form of trauma of Projection that does not involve psychotic episodes or Psychological trauma from hearing voices in the head or the inner voice box is a Psychological panic attack trauma. This is a physical emotional feeling and also relates to the ‘Flight’ in the Sympathetic nerve. It does however have tonal effects sometimes caused via the Psychological trauma of hearing inner voices tones and or blood frequencies. It may also be - just a traumatic physical feeling created via the body/brain barrier of electro-chemical stimulus in the Central Nervous System due to trauma of Peripheral Psycho Social stimulants that you have gathered via scent stimulus.

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