THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Trauma of Lethargy

Trauma of Lethargy is an Instrumental Conditioning Phobia that can be linked to traumatic Anxiety, traumatic Panic attacks and trauma of Depressive moods via Psychosocial Operant Conditioning. Lethargy formulates as signs of Fatigue and or trauma of exhaustion establishing itself. Fatigue can be of the mind or body or even both. That is a definition of a traumatic Mental illness Phobia Disorder and not a mental disease of the mind.  It is a definition that can naturally cause these conditions of traumatic mental disorder illnesses. It is simply because of a Facial Conformity Disorder, although trauma of panic attacks can be a physical resultant. I call trauma of mental disease a Phobia nowadays. Feelings of a traumatic Anxiety Disorder is caused because the person does not have the capacity for a panic attack in the inner/outer influences towards the body/brain barrier of your electro-chemical soup of lifes' scents because of trauma of anxiousness becomes traumatic panic of a Facial Conformity Disorder set in the Parasympathetic nerve in the brain. That is how trauma of depression becomes apparent.







These two states called the Parasympathetic nerve and its harmony of the Sympathetic nerve are also working in a harmony via the use of tonal energy and body notions of keeping in the Theory of Mind of  'Disassociation'. These are sublime issues where alertness is necessary via 'Disassociation' in this nervous system of the Self to outer/inward motions. The initial state in the Norm is to become suddenly alert via the Sympathetic nervous system that extends into the heart. The failure of this alertness at its lowest point is traumatic emotional lethargy (trauma of mental, mentality and phobia) where the lack of operation in the Sympathetic nerve does not shock a person away from feeling - by definition the trauma of a lethargic (sleepy) state. The stance of sleep can also be expressed as trauma of depression if the facial muscles conform to a low breath that is a part of sleep.







In both trauma of anxiety and traumatic depressive issues with trauma of lethargy, the two sides of the nervous system do not compensate one and other the person tends to walk in a low level life force.Medications can cause anxiety rather than panic. This also, is what causes the state of mental health caused by the trauma of lethargy - a physically feeling like yawning. In some it is a cause of there traumatic Anxiety simply because the sudden jolt back to consciousness either causes traumatic panic or descends back to the trauma of lethargy of traumatic Anxiety. Levels range from the feeling of trauma of anxious to traumatic thoughts involving trauma of the latter. These traumatic anxious thoughts are triggered simply because of the way you react to the situation. If you are in public the atmosphere creating a Buzz can sometimes affect your mood in traumatic sublime ways. As you are lifted out of the trauma of lethargic thoughts are triggered that relates to the trauma of your body's electro-chemical stimulus has just been jolted out of.


So in the natural effects towards these traumatic electro-chemical reactives it is to think of trauma of anxiousness or traumatic events in your life just to get over the shocking experience you just received. But also trauma of electro-chemical Scent towards your Psychosocial reactants in the Performance and Setting. And trauma of inner feelings that create trauma of emotional notions of physical motions.







In traumatic panic attacks, the jolt is given by the Sympathetic system causes what is known as 'Fight or Flight'. The 'Flight' is a symptom that causes you to a trauma of panic in the heart and so is given an alarm status or irregular down-firing via the Vagus nerve. This then causing trauma of anxious feelings. Via deep breathing exercises the heart rate is slowed again that then relaxes the effects of traumatic panic. It also allows for the removal of traumatic anxious thoughts if the breathing exercises are practised through loud breath. Just make sure that the breath reaches both ears because your traumatic anxious thoughts extend from the inner ear and inner voice box and thought can occur in either ear or at times both. Tardif Dyskinesia is also the cause of trauma of thought disturbances and is caused by involuntary jaw, lips and tongue movement. This causes sublime narration to form in the inner ears as well. Medication can cause the state of traumatic Tardif Dyskinesia. Olanzapine can cause much more serious Tardive Dyskinesia and if so consult your physician immediately.



There is also the other half of this nervous system: the Parasympathetic system. This is the 'Rest and Digest' that compensates feelings of traumatic panic and but can cause sleepy feelings of trauma of anxiety at the point of THETA ONLY. Olanzapine caused NREM2 trauma of anxiousness and eventually failure of sleep. It can however cause a state of becoming over-relaxed.







Here trauma of lethargy also relates to depression because trauma of the facial muscles start to conform into the expression of sadness. Some of you may say I look happy but I dont feel happy. Just like the saying 'Crying with laughter' so smiling believe it or not has a saddening trauma of sensation as well in its tonal effects. Look at                               for an insight to laughing. It is not only the facial conformity but the emotional tones expressed in laughter as well. This is because of the nerve centre in the brain pulling your face into a trauma of conformity to what are just a bunch of electro-chemicals that our features and body then translates. In other words your sense of Self has become an outward show of: putting on a brave face where outward smiles hide the trauma that is deeper inside the facial muscles. Medications can cause a state of trauma of lethargy, but their positive effect is to make you feel consciously dopey. In the course of medication once you have been given the all-clear the face will start to conform away from the trauma of a sleepy state. This is because the state of looking lethargically traumatised will start to be taken away by the removal of medicaments.