THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.



Here are some extracts from The Trauma of Voices:




This is a personal reference book, but personal and a book of the subconscious. Each section is a reference point that may or maybe not apply to you. Please keep in mind though that this book - as a whole - is basically what has happened to you.


This book has been written to help people regain their conscious mind and their unconscious body language. So bringing them back to the real world of adulthood. Not that of an adult stripped of their childhood instincts. Just before bed time or when you wake, is a good time for reading this book. Follow the course of this book and you will gain your inner peace. So totally immerse yourself in the book. You may find this book skips around, but that is part of how this book works to re-stable your subconscious of voices into a subconscious event that is defined into unconscious body language.


Examples of wording may be different to what you hear, so the main words - that have been put in your subconscious - will need to be analysed by you. That may be through speech or counteracted via body movement.


                                                                                                                    Terms in this book like mystic and control freak                                                                                                                             are terms I use. You may have different words ,                                                                                                                            but they all boil down to one thing, some                                                                                                                                        people that have become aware of the                                                                                                                                          subconscious world of communication for the                                                                                                                                wrong reasons. We have all met these types                                                                                                                                 of people. By the way don't get angry smile like a                                                                                                                          Psychotic and never worry because we all smile.


                                                                                                                      A key you should be using with this book is                                                                                                                                    breathing exercises. Commas and full stops are breathing points in books. Learn to use them. On occasions you will follow this up with an intake or exhale of breath at your own pace.


You can also re-read this book if necessary. I have read this book a couple of times before I was able to work out what to do in curing my own unconscious event. So make sure you do the same, over an extended period to allow you to digest its words. Some of you will be able to read on one occasion for the full benefits – it all depends how far you have slipped into the subconscious of the, “Life narration event”.


It is not only about how it is worded, but also about how these words are structured. This meaning a sentence - which has a structure according to the balancing of the subconscious - with what is within your consciousness and unconscious body language. This is something that you will be needing to learn when you are conversing with other people. In other words, conscious body skills.


1. Voices in the head are just a delusional state of mind. The lowest sound you should be hearing is Tinnitus. The main artery that passes through the left to the inner right hand ear causes this. Tinnitus should be heard as a high-pitched noise.


Your hearing may be at this lower sound pitch. At this level thought and the trauma of voices exist in the inner ear/s.


The first route out of mental health illnesses - or any brain disorder - is to call it just that a, “Brain disorder” and not a disease. A disease is infectious. Tuning into lower sounds and or not denying your own are the first stage to regaining Ones own sanity.










The brain works like a clock. This means that taking drugs; firstly destroys your adult brain and slowly eats away at it until your mind is reduced to a baby’s type brain. So the further you go back the stronger the drug you will need. Food works like a drug on a child’s brain - just ask a parent about their children on fizzy drinks. In other words your body is used to the food buzz, so you have to take something stronger to get that childhood high. What I will say of drugs is that if you awaken needing a joint then problems will start to occur. Much like the alcoholic.




The use of wording when dealing with someone who is developing symptoms of a mental illness - are all-important. Using words in similarity to Psychosis and Schizophrenia - especially when medication is being used - may cause the onset of the illness.




When suffering from a mental illness, the trick is to store the words that you are told and let the medication take its course. If you remember words that are of social disorder then your Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Consultant - with your help - can talk you through whatever those words were. At times of distress turn your hearing to your Tinnitus a (ringing in the ear) and keep it as a constant blank high-pitched noise. Or using a loud breath as well. A loud breath can also cause the cancellation of conscious Tinnitus as well. You will eventually learn to hear normal sounds, whilst still hearing this Tinnitus as background noise in some cases. If you do not hear your Tinnitus then just imagine that you have a constant and steady blank noise within your ear created via breath.




Techniques you can use to cancel pre-thoughts are:


1. Exclamation of surprise

Use this as a forewarning to thought.


2. A moronic look.

Use this if you have started to realize thought.


3. A realization of tears.

Use this if thoughts are getting the better of you.


4. Verbal communication at high pitches.

Use this for a warning that thoughts are trying to encroach on your consciousness.


5. Low pitches of voice.

A friendly warning to others.



There are many types - including that from other cultures. By people watching around - naturally and through television - you will find suitable methods for yourself. Use these methods as the starting basis for building your own individuality in the body and spoken language that is created in the concept of, “We play the game for each other”.

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