THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Tardive Dyskinesia

become alerted to: Script narration energies involving; the 7 Chakras where the Foot Chakra is zero and; the fifth Throat Chakra was my issue that did not arise in the medication of Haldol.
The Glossopharyngeal nerve as a Tardive Dyskinesia of the body/brain barrier though is causing Inner Projection Experiences in the Embryonic Germ Layers. That’s caused via a lack of blinking in the Facial and Trigeminal nerves into a Cortical rebooting via the Medulla Oblongata. This can then cause Hallucinations of Confabulation. These leads to the two courses of either a person afflicted via Psychosocial interaction or DNA with Auditory Hallucinations of Paranoid Anxiousness. A Paranoid Schizophrenia of a Psychosocial Cycle of Enquiry in one or more of the Psychosocially Scripting Buzzing Chakras. These become interpreted via body mentalists as a sublime Core Identity Inner thought Experience. This was of, unblocked Throat and Foot Chakra and Germ Layers in the Vagus nerve of the Medulla Oblongata by Olanzapine. It caused a state of Kundalini dysfunction. This then leads to trying to find problems that did not exist in body language interpretation via the Vagus and Glossopharyngeal nerves.
I have been applying my professionalism to a form of tonal Prosody that becomes a consciousness of sublime cognition to Psychosocial stimuli of finding problems that did not exist! In other words, Tardive Dyskinesia of a medicament causing Confabulation of Tardive Dyskinesia. I was in the Psychological anguish of bad relationships and a cry for help was issued via a paracetamol overdose.
This professionalism is to correct my Script Dissension via Self-Behavioural Analysis. It is of Core Identity Psychosocial interaction of Script narration in the Chakra Energy that finds those whispers from localized commonality of 7 Charkas (0-7) towards Psychosocial neighbours. This is where meditation takes the Norm of Society into Chinese whisper games. Also a Disassociation and Ignorance in the 4 nerves of the Medulla Oblongata.
It is the denial of the trauma of voices in the head (?:!) that needs to be addressed when it is one of the Chakras. If you are to keep giving Core Identity patients Tardive Dyskinesia professionalism! And that of relapses in those few that slipped the net into what is not truly known in professionalism until this article and the forth coming blogs about Facial Conformity Disorders. It is where I used clarity about Tardif Dyskinesia in a dysfunctional Vagus nerve due to medicament of a velotab speeding into my system and blocking the Vagus nerve.

So should I prosecute the National Health Service for wrongful diagnosis of the trauma of developing drug-induced Psychosis and then diagnosing Psychological Paranoid Schizophrenia? Your comment would also be appreciated on the difference between Schizophrenia and Paranoid Schizophrenia.

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