THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Sympathetic nerve

The Sympathetic nerve is harmonious or congruent in negotiations of Psychosocial interaction (public displays known as Settings and Performances [Erving Goffman]) with the Parasympathetic nerve. These two nerves cause a balance in the bodily reactions that cause a conscious alertness or calming according to the displayed levels of:

1. Communication in groups or one to one.

2. Stabilized emotions.

3. Alertness towards peripheral reactions, such as catching something out of the corner of your eye.

4. A sudden loud noise causes cognitive Vestibular attention within the inner ear. This is via the Sympathetic nerve and also: if the Parasympathetic nerve becomes too sublime towards the counter-action of the Sympathetic harmony. This harmonic modulation is caused by a releasing of Noraepinephrine that causes a calming peaceful effect or the Inner Experience (Thought). Its harmonious because the Sympathetic nerve is over-ridden by the Parasympathetics 'Rest and Digest'. This then causes a restablizing effect of releasing Epinephrine which is an adrenaline that re-instates alertness of the present mood implication from Homeostatic Psychosocial scent and energy surrounding the Core Identity. This then causes 'Fight or Flight' or 'Ignorance'. That is how the negotiations of these two nerves keep emotions, notions and communications as well as the Inner Peace Experience and Inner Experience of keeping to a Solidarity as a Fashion Trend in a technology of Socialized One's self. This, as a Core Identity in blocking outer Psychosocial narration that can affect emotions when in solitude of body ignorance or as a relaxaed motion of either ignorance and disassociation. A bit like a yawn or simply a motion of waving away thought inclusion by a motion of the body as a Core Identity of Theory of Mind that accords to Fashion Trend and Psychosocial Ego Identity. That is harmony of how solitude is achieved in the Norm of Society to outer influence of Psychosocial notions and sounds. In the ignorance and or disassociation the Norm of Society can remain in their own Span of Insignificance before outer notions cause further motions and feelings.

5. These two nerves also control the heart rate whereby the sudden noise causes the Parasympathetic reaction of the heart rate to increase - via breath - so as the body is warned of danger or sublime issues via the Adrenaline. The harmony is Sympathetic reactions of 'Fight or Flight' or Disassociation.

6. Where a sublime issue is caused Vestibular motion causes the head to motion towards a sound or sight thus causing relaxation via the release of Noraepinephrine via visual stimulation to the related sublime sound or notions. This is also a mentality problem that can cause sublime reactions of slowing the bodily reactions in Vestibular motion in the inner ears Sympathetic notions towards sublime motions of noise. In terms of sublime motions of noise from outside forces, this can influence the Theory in the E-book Casualties of Consciousness I call the day/night/day continuum. This is where Homeostatic Script has an influence towards Psychosocial Settings and relative Interpellation that may or may not relate to Fashion Trends of relational identification. Much like looking up to see an old lover or friend causing the heart to beat faster via Vestibular motion and Adrenaline harmony. In harmony the Parasympathetic nerve will or may cause ignorance to that or those sublime issues via Theory of Mind relating to Fashion Trends that relate to your style of inter-relations.

7. Personal sanctuary in a solidarity of the need for an Inner Peace Experience or Inner experience (Personal thought). This again relates to Noraepinephrine.

8. Relaxing bodily motions and notions where Body Ignorance is a display of wordlessness according to the Fashion Trends known as the type of people you find acceptable as personal friends. These two nerves define the negotions that form those friendships and whether further meetings are acceptable. This is again within Medulla Oblongata and relates to the Vagus nerve which controls the speech patterns that contain the emotional vocal methods involved in conversational interactions.

9. These three areas involved in the Medulla Oblongata centralise into the Vestibular motion of the Sympathetic nerves interaction of the inner voice box and the inner ear that is a Vestibular reaction of head motions.


1.Negotiations of communication are a cause and reaction via tonal..... Cultural accents that are a part of a Globalizing world that causes new issues in conversational: styles; tones; levels; strengths and its inclusion to how bodily motions can cause Adaptations in emotions in the evolution of Theory of Mind via the vocal arrangements of wordage. In simplicity a Care Worker asked me of my Siblings. To me that is my own children and so I said I had none. However in her cultural terms it actually means the family of yours and all its extended relatives like your mum and dad and also their brothers and sisters family links. A negotiation had to take place at that point in time. Much like, "Hey Brother (Bro or Bros) are you friend or foe? In a Globalizing world this is the challenge caused to the Social Sciences of Humanity in a new age of immigration, work permits, illegal immigrants and of Globalized criminals. This is also an extension where authorities are a Propaganda of themselves stated since Humanity started to evolve into extending communities in a global countrification of movements throughout history. But that word Propaganda is a key that needs authoritarian issued statements. Now consider some of the Castles and Churches and many monuments in the U.K, especially some of the castles. Are you saying a medieval cannon could cause that damage? I say no I say Adolf Hitler and the positivism of Propaganda to keep strength in a Psychosociasl action of outer communities caused forgetfulness towards the public concerns of 'keeping them happily winning the constant war that a globalizing world and that also keeps over-populating. I say Propaganda and V weapons and Aircraft with bombs were absolutely indiscriminate at times if they had any payload left after demolishing an over-breeding society. Now keep calm 'I am not nerve I am Sympathetic towards modern Conditioning methods of television, radio, papers. But also how it forms body ignorance methods of communication in emotions that run high via the Sympathetic and Parasympathjetic nerves of the heartlesss people that cause David Cameron as you and the Conservatives are absolute heroes for bringing in the inheritance tax issue in such a heroic way. Ask I'm sure she my truth of Conservatism would agree with the blessed prime minister Cameron: heroic enough to hide facts in newspapers of Propaganda. Simply because I still believe in Conservatism, but hey please give me a working tax System because this is now a hobby so as I can pay taxes whilst on ESA indefinbitely. Margaret Thatcher was the mum of my business I inherited from my dad. But that's propaganda and yes around 2012 I voted for my first time and I voted for Labour and never again. I'm still waiting for 10 Downing Street and their department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation to contact as 10 Downing Street said they would about 'Minimal Flexiterm Contracts' so as the 'Permitted Work Scheme' could give me a tax system instead of a website that does not have a tax system in the modern societal standards to Government, law, public society and of course legalised people such as a mental health patient I know oh so extremely well that was discharged completely stoned on Skunk the highest form of Cannabis after an inquisition. And of course the truth examined via stated facts of true sanity that were reached via their helpfulness of moving to another area in mentality of what? And yes I'm a highly ordered Fundamentalist Socio-Psychologist of Social Sciences and Business and I was already of of their medication for a long time. Oooops who am I? Question what a cnversation as a way to say someone is mentally ill.



Negative mentality reactions are sometimes caused in the Sympathetic nerve when the Parasympathetic nerve is not compensated and this can cause:

1. Panic attacks because of an increase or decrease in the heart beat. This can affect the sensory notions via Angiotensin. Angiotensin 2 can become hypertension (a state of great psychological stress) and even heart failure.

2. Paranoia is also of concern because Peripheral notions can become dysfunctional if these two nerve are not in a harmonious reaction. It's like thinking someone is starring at you or talking vindicatively about you.

3. The Psychology term for 'Psychosocial' mentality phobias is Abnormal to be Normal. This I say is incongruent - a word adapted by Carl Rogers in the 1950's. The use of incongruence as he used it meant 'inconsistent or incompatible'. However Carl Rogers a Psychologist (American though) had a more specific definition in its mentality. In his terminology incongruence was meant as 'matching of experience and awareness'. So Incongruence as a term is slanderous towards true harmony in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve. This being where the word used for this area within the Medulla Oblongata in the brain is congruence and not the term he defines via incongruence as 'having feelings not aligned with your actions'. It defines the mentality formulation that causes a Psychosocial Conformity Disorder I use in                             Consciousness known as 'Off Key' where echoes are a part of a Core Identiies Psychosocial sublime interaction that is a part of spiritual rituals of secrecy involved in natures hidden language. It is used in Society as Body Ignorance. You can find the Chart in the promotional partial free download in the link above. Incongruenence is a term in my experience in mental health hospital of a person that uses Empathic echoed reasoning of psychological criminality via body language and vindicative vocalisation without the use of interactive rememberance. It was also something I suffered during psychosis caused by medications.

4. In the use of an Empathic criminality it is reasonable to say echoed vocalisation is used as a Parasympathetic reaction that causes sublime interaction of a Psychotic Adrenaline rush in how its heard. In mentality the use of the Sympathetic nerve has been removed which causes a hypnotic Ignorance effect that cannot be reasoned with by an unsuspecting Norm of Society. With the removal of the Sympathetic reaction via echoed use of Empathic reasoning the use of vindication in body and self-rightious language, the psychological criminal cannot be counteracted by the Norm of Society because the Sympathetic nerve is removed from Psychosocial interaction before the Incongruent person locates the desired person of their illogical reasons.

5. Cannabis can cause dysfunctions in these nerves as well. The state of Cannabis is a THETA reaction that exists just before sleep is induced at a level called NREM2. Some doctors say voices can be caused by cannabis, but in the state of Theta which is after NREM1 where the eyes close and the relaxation process to THETA waves (frequencies) begins. At the initiation of closing the eyes Alpha waves may cause the eyes to become sleepy. Alpha waves are a day time reaction that causes alertness, but also causes Cortical rebooting via blinking that causes a very brief unconscious reaction. This causes the body/brain barrier re-inhancement to peace and solitude in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic reactions via re-calculations. A Psychosocial instrument that keeps groups and individuals away from the sublime Psychosocial interaction. Theta is a state of mind where words become omitted in NREM1 and a pleasent dizzy feeling is the result.

6. Cannabis can cause paranoia, but not voices. In wordless THETA cannabis keeps the user in the act of consciousness rather than semi-sleep. THETA blocks sublime outer issues, but if you are a user of THETA drugs (Alcohol as well) and you are in a boisterious, angry or rowdy establishment paranoia can become an issue simply because in the natural THETA of semi-sleep inducement, a person closes the ears to outer sounds. This then induces a person into NREM2 sleep where the processes of the day/night continuum analyses all those sublime Peripheral reactions of:






Notions and motions that happen within your day/night/day continuum.

7. Psychosocial interaction as a harmony of congruence has times of boisterous or rowdiness. Some mentality Phobias of Psychosocial Performances cause a self-rightious effect where a mental health client should stay away from conversing because in the use of Homeostitic Script reasoning the Spirituality can be greatly harmed. I have seen reasoning in the use in America of mental health clients being placed in hospital morgue with the use of drugs. I say the medicament used in this practise should be used on some Empathically aware clients where a consultant of doctor has a state of confusion or illogical remberance via the clients languages. In the Sympathetic reaction however boisteriousness or rowdy words will have an effect that causes logical states of answering sympathetically to alleviate the mentality Phobia of a person who has become vulnerable to a modern Psychosocial Globalising event that is taking place via immigration and computerised media.

8. The use of Noraepinephrine could induced the reaction of panic or natural paranoia towards Psychosocial incongruent sublimers that is naturally released via the Sympathic nerve to induce the harmony. Cannabis also has this effect of paranoia towards sublime effects. It also makes theoretical sense that in the languages of body and inner voice of sublimers interpretting self-rightiousness Epinephrine (Coffee) can induce an outer state of voice.

Within the Sympathetic nerve an argument the night before in a bar or even mental health unit or trauma hospital can cause panic if you see that particular person. But it can also cause paranoia via a Vestibular Motion Disorder from Cannabis due to the Parasympathetic over-reaction of 'Rest and Digest' where disassociation is removed due to consciousness instead of the inner ears being closed at the state of THETA sleep, but also from natural echoed Psychosocial interaction where the nutrients are lacking the neuro-chemicals of Noraepinephrine. In my experience coffee and tea are both a caffeine, but I find Black English tea is a calming energy and alertness (Theory Noraepinephrine production) and Coffee (Theory Epinephrine production) is more towards an upper causing vocal stimulation and wakefulness. This latter state can make reactions much like a panic attack where tonal effects cause triggers in the neuro-chemical reactions of the Vestibular Motion within the ears of the Sympathetic reaction of not suddenly looking around. If you are a user of cannabis I strongly recommend a variety of fruits or fruit juices and a vitamin B complex or B compound supplement (neutracuticals).


Sympathetic reactions and Vestibular motion.

The Sensory systems of the Peripheral nervous system involved in Vestibular motion disorder are:

Vision ((direct and indirect),

Auditory (heard and Buzzed tonal noise adjustments).

It also involves;

Somatic Sensation ((touch),(Core Identity Interpellation (conjoining) towards Psychosocial Performance of Settings)),

Gustatory (taste),

Olfaction (smell) and

Vestibular (neuro-chemical imbalance causing non-movement leading to the trauma of some mentality phobias.

Conjoining = Welcome to our Fashion Trend.