THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Sympathetic nerve and Anxiety

Sympathetic Overproduction is traumatic panic, hyperactivity, anxiety and irritability.


Overproduction in the Sympathetic nerve is the by-product of too much stress, tension giving traumatic pressure on the Parasympathetic nerve as well. In some cases of electro-chemical stimulation depletion of key nutrition causes traumatic mental illness rather than a dysfunctional system of mentality body Mentalist traumatisation’s. Set Standards of Body Mentalist training is needed and are a first key stage to curing anything in trauma of mentality. The body motions the electro-chemical frequency system will respond if it has the extra nutraceutical and nutritional ingredients of Tinnitus frequency in the blood plasma. I have found 4 key areas of nutraceutics (supplements of vitamins and minerals) of the body/brain barrier: Glutamate; Dopamine; Histamine; Acetylcholine.






Overproduction and anxiety become a dysfunction in the parasympathetic of ‘Rest and Digest’ where ‘Disassociation’ should be a motion of Body Mentalist attitude, but is not formed in the Core Identity body language.


Vestibular Motion Disorders are Tinnitus frequency trauma issues and these can be corrected via Set Standards of issues in Body language Mental-ism. Tinnitus trauma in the blood/brain barrier of the inner ear creates body notions that lead to conscious motion. In anxiety and traumatic Vestibular Motion Disorders the head movement is misaligned giving trauma and voices to the inner sense of feelings from these two nerves. Tinnitus gives motion and feelings to the body. Tinnitus if dysfunctional can make you hear trauma of voices in the head from a delusional inner traumatic psychotic episode because it is the ultimate self in cognitive hearing.


This is how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T) recognises the Inner trauma Experiences that the trauma of sublime voices and cancellation of those sublimed anxiety gives echoes to via Self-negotiation when their own inner experiences sense vocal anxiety. Prosodic Projection is an act of how C.B.T works as the negotiation method of cancellation.


Projection trauma and anxiety is the Outer Frequencies of Tinnitus that I say belong with the Enkephalins and Endorphins control via strength’s of Blood Plasma in the blood/frequency barrier to Outer/Inner Experiences. These are the notions that I say begins Interpellation and Conjoining towards a Performance.  In a Performance people gather to congregate and converse. This creates a Buzz that generates down the ears and reaches your feelings with emotional Tinnitus input that blood plasma defines your presence of strength via the motions of body and voice. Sublime noises from anxiety disorder trauma make you react, so start studying the presence of noise that makes you look up and around via anxiety. In the tones of these traumatic sounds are the key to changing your Buzz that affects your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic reactions as trauma and voices of anxiety. Reach out and if you persist you will find a voice in the crowd that has an effect on your emotions and Tinnitus. In a body mentalist attitude vocalisation must be kept calm if what you hear is abusive or traumatic voices that gives anxiety.


This is how paranoia and anxiety trauma affect your feelings because you are tuning into the wrong Buzz in the Homeostatic atmosphere of the Psychosocial interaction. In the formula of sensation the head moves and this is the time when you should be studying what you are hearing as trauma. Move around a place and start to get comfortable, but also stop suddenly if sensation makes you look up or around with your hearing. If it sounds harsh take another step until you hear a Ha or a Ho of laughter. HeHe just means you have moved into the same trap. Get to learn laughter and tones and how they makes your trauma of voices feel. A link on being gullible below.







A Performance is all the Psychosocial ingredients of your Tinnitus frequencies that you ‘carry around with us as US... everywhere’. So getting to know your frequencies that have relative friendship of a Fashion Trend is a stabilising of your Ego Identity from anxiety. The Ego Identity is what I say Conditions the Self into being Self via negotiation in the Sympathetic nerve of ‘Fight or Flight’ or ‘Ignorance’. These are the association to the anxiety noises you hear where the normal conversation is blocked by your ‘Ignorance’ to what are traumatic feelings. The overproduction of the Parasympathetic nerve causes hyperactivity in a healthy ‘Ignorance’ nerve causing traumatic feelings as anxiety in the electro-chemistry.


‘Ignorance’ and ‘Disassociation’ are key factors in Residual Risk of Body Mental-ism trauma that cure anxiety via Set Standards that are in place via Holistic methods - as I say Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as is as well. Ignorance can cause Self loathing and anxiety and people will not be able to approach you, but also in its ‘Fight or Flight’ anxiety, thoughtfulness can cause the anxiety dysfunction of developing traumatic Psychotic episodes and trauma of voices. With the use of Enkephalins Frequencies increase in the right hand ear causing consciousness in the left hand ear. This is the motion of conscious Inner/Outer Experiences where Tinnitus fades in the left ear. To bring the Tinnitus back to the left ear means increasing Hydro-Plasma in the left lung for this Parasympathetic nerve reaction of ‘Rest and Digest’ conscious hearing of US.


Endorphins work across the entire barrier including blood plasma where the brain calculates the frequencies via the Vagus nerves Parasympathetic nutritional subsidisation against trauma and the brains paranoia. This however is a brain to body barrier when considering frequencies of Tinnitus as a method of remaining in the silence of Self as a Core Identity of US of Psycho Social atmospheric Homeostasis. This latter word arrives from wind reaching the ears where left is cold and heat increases are felt as trauma of consciousness in the right hand ear. A dip in the air current to the right ear should cause alert signals in the Tinnitus frequencies of head motion instead of trauma of voices and anxiety.


In mental illness it is the air currents that cause you interaction between your inner ear and the breathing from the inner voice box area that creates the sublime voices of trauma and that you might hear via anxiety.


When you consider Endorphins in your food or a nutraceutic, too much can cause paranoia. Put simply it is in the notional Body Mentalists attitude of turning the head too Homeostatic-ally quickly or slowly that causes ‘Ignorance’ and ‘Rest and Digest’ nerve reactions causing a lack of sublime ‘Disassociation’ to your own inner voice box. In other words you are using your inner ear to communicate with your inner voice box instead of breaking into the next level of hearing called Tinnitus. Even Tinnitus voice can become dysfunctional via trauma of paranoid schizophrenia in the Parasympathetic nerve frequency as the main anxiety dysfunctional reactant.


Tea and coffee stimulate the Sympathetic nerve they create epinephrine, also called Adrenaline. Almonds, avocados and bananas are also a good nutritional product for Norepinephrine. Bananas, citrus fruits and vanilla are good for Epinephrine as well as tea and coffee.