THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Trauma of Sleep trauma and Psychosocial lethargy in atmospheric Conditioning from a Setting and Performance. Self motivational technologies of Fashion Trends and how Vestibular Motion Disorders affect Peripheral body/brain barriers.

Sleep as I describe is a day/night/day continuum of 'Homeostatic' Script (Erving Goffman, (DD100)) where Interpellation (Louis Althusser, (DD100)) forms Fashion Trends that may formulate a Conjoining Theory of Mind and Embodiment of Congruent Harmony - that sleep is the salvation from the Bi-cameral dormant sublime Psychosocial Buzz that is 80-90% of unconscious internal body ignorance. The latter is a homeostatic equation set up in Settings and Performances via the continuum of sleep that gives: notion; motion; emotion = electro-chemical Psychosocial reactions created as an unconscious body formulation from sleep as self-worth of nutritional advice. This is given as a sublime Peripheral choices of viewing Fashion Trends according to the Buzzing sounds, noise and sublime communication.







This can become cognitive coherent knowledge via emotion from notions of self motivational technologies created in Psychosocial Script of homeostatic sleeping computations according to what consumption can logically relay to the body/brain barrier of inner neuro-chemical Buzzing frequency reactions from K-Complex and Spindle brain chemistry that orders the brain in sleep via nutritional levels of the biological computational organism. Although it still has an element of choice according to the Self enquiry of what has been eaten and then frequency modulated via tonal vocal arrangements that design the Peripherals sensations. And then Symbolic Analysis: a computational sleep process that took humanity away from Bi-cameral interaction of body language via; sleep forming a Body Ignorance in the body/brain barrier of day/night and day continuum. The latter statement results in a hand being shaken at work for Symbolic Data gathering for Qualitative and Quantitative advice that is formulated again in sleeping processes. This continues with a carcinogenic sweaty electro-chemical palm that discusses hand in hand strengths and values via communication. So what of trauma of Lethargy?






Autonomic Nervous System to become Off-key in Theory of Mind and Embodiment via Peripheral                                                          notions, motions and electro-chemistry of emotions of energy and scent of outer forces causing inner                            

neurochemical interaction as Psycho Social corresponding notions that give off scent and emotions as a                                            Homeostatic  Performance reaction. A bit like 'The atmosphere was electrifying with the Buzz of                                                                    the crowd'. But the Off-key in the Core Identity is a disjointing from the Psychosocial Buzz narration                                                                  of the body/brain : brain/body electro-barrier from traumatic disturbing and or trauma of sleepless nights.                                                  

This inner/outer disjointing causes traumatic Lethargy from trauma of stress and pressure zones in your                                                                 Psychosocial Buzz of exuberance of the electro-chemical night continuum because an essential neuro-chemical has become depleted from a certain Synaptic connection due to shaking to many hands at the bar pool table! Trauma of Lethargy and trauma of sleep is an imbalance between the states of brain acknowledged via a bodily consumption nutritional rate according to the certainty that food is taken. This necessitates the body ignorance via Theory of Mind and vocal emotions being able to remain in the 'Flight or Flight' and 'Disassociation' of an alert behaviour system. A nutritionally imbalanced brain/body organism can create an Off-key to sublime Peripheral sound reactions via trauma of lethargy and trauma of sleep removing behaviour and tonal tactics from the Theory of Mind and Embodiment via Psychosocial stresses depleting nutrition and especially water in the Home-o-static - but nowadays - also electrifying Psychosocial Buzz. It can become more pronounced to cognition if the unconscious silent/ness in the Norm of Society becomes a sublime paranoia from sublime emotions causing scent Interpellation from the Psychosocial Performance of electro-chemical Setting. This is a point where Core Identity nutritional elementals give rise to trauma of stresses and pressures from Psychosocial and your Fashion Trend causing you traumatic lethargy and trauma of sleep. Because the day/night/day continuum of your Ego Identity has become imbalanced due to the body/brain barrier of body nutritional depletion and a wearing down of: a Psychosocial of Theory of Mind: 'Its all in the power of mind' stimulus and 'How Technologies of Self negotiate nutritional Holistic Homeostatic structures'. A theory that defines life as 'An electro-chemical co-operational entrepreneurial lucky to be living exuberantly'....Err sometimes. So a wordless Psychosocial Buzz from the crowd of Performance area and resultant natural sounds of a Performance area and resultant natural sounds of a Performance area and resultant natural sounds of a Performance area and resultant natural sounds of a Performance area and resultant natural sounds of a Setting are the installation of the sleeping processes    

                                                           between NREM1 and NREM4 that becomes from a good nights  

                                                           sleep. Hence the day/night/day continuum of: The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your  

                                                           Life, One Night at a Time (, Open University            

                                                           Alumni post).            




'One step 'forewards' and two steps back can be a blessing in disguise'.







It is a point in life you can liken to: reflecting on the low points in your life as a way of

distressing from trauma of Lethargic non-compensation in the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic                                                                                   nervous system. A yawn can be a step back to trauma of lethargy causing sublime pressure issues where                                                                                 stress release zone is available for comfort. But a smile can compromise. A yawn can also                                                                                                    be seen as ignorance to the Psychosocial Buzz if tonally expressed as 'Boring!'. Its like                                                                                                   tones in laughter - they define exuberance of a creature notion to pleasure and scent                                                                                                      narration of the Inner Experience. So go splash your face with some water as a Mentality                                                                                     Phobia shock treatment for trauma of lethargy. Careful how you smile though your face might crack...                                                                                 Ahem. Either that or get an ice box and not lunch and vodka with a slice in the boardrooms                                                                                         of...! is my life evolving around business too, mental health, too voluntary placements, to University and then the resultant Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists website continuance.

220px-L-phenylalanine-skeletal from lemon juice The Histimine process is part sedation. 230-185px picture 229px-Histidin_-_Histidine_svg L-tyrosine-skeletal - an energy drink.