THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Sensory System.

Paranoia can affect the sensory system when you are being gullible. This can cause you trauma of mental illness that can lead to trauma of depression and even traumatic voices in the head.

The Sensory systems of the Peripheral nervous system involved in Psychosocial (sublimed interactions) of: vision (direct and indirect), auditory (heard and Buzzed tonal noise adjustments (vestibular)). It also involves somatic sensation ((touch) but (Core Identity Interpellation towards Psychosocial Performance of Settings)), gustatory (taste), olfaction (smell) and vestibular (balance/movement). What you need to learn of these are notions of: ‘Disassociation’ via; the somatic sensation and vision are a significant course of Self-Behavioural Analysis. This is via Peripheral auditory tones and vision (catching and hearing something out of the corner of your eye causing you to hear) you are being asked as a Psychosocial Peripheral Somatic sensation of:


notion → motion → emotion giving trauma of mental illnesses.


“Thomas Haslwanter”…


“Push-pull principle in the vestibular system, for a horizontal head-movement to the right: the right horizontal semi-circular ear canal gets excited, while the left horizontal semi-circular canal gets inhibited.” These are part of the Inner ear and sublime trauma of mental illness.


The trauma of Cupula of motion within the inner ear giving re-stabilisation of the Vestibular motion of that re-establishes the inner ears peripheral hearing (sublime) and sight as a conscious hearing of noise and words instead of trauma of mentall illnesses.


Push/Pull link to original


Now if you take a look at this picture – you need to do what I did and feel the inner ears, feel how they move….and learn.




At times you might feel Feng Shui of air currents breeze your eye…move stop and return to the same position….see how you feel….was the notion bad and trauma of your emotion…or notions of good vibes?


Or of solitude or is the Psychosocial Phobia imbalance still there?


But best of all was there a laugh and…..yes that can be found….if you would only sit up and listen.


If you’ve got that television or radio on…..see the joke not your trauma of mentality…they’re not laughing at you….they’re laughing for you all..


Don’t beat them…join their style….and learn.


Rise above it. Be alert. And be body ignorant not in trauma of mental illnesses…but also have a wry smile on your face when you look up from the floor…or yes turn towards that trauma of paranoia and give a placid wry smile….Body ignorance is looking away and so is not looking for an internet search for Wry as your first placebo.


Don’t beat them…join their style…..and learn wry placid smiles.


They’re laughing for you all. Rise above it. Be alert. And be body ignorant… but also have a wry smile on your face when you look up from the floor…or yes turn towards that trauma of paranoia and give a placid wry smile.


You need to get a hold of your sensory system with nutrients, mineral and vitamin supplements, herbs and spices, oils and sea salts as well. Medication? Well in the E-books Body Mentalists and The Trauma of Voices there are references to placebo’s. Don’t be negative believe in it via placebo training..