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E-Book          self-publishing

If you want to a Self-publishing package, "I know costs are high"! But have you ever considered E-Book publishing on an international basis? Now paperback Self-publishing costs mean I can offer details of how to obtain a complete package for Self-publishing at a fraction of the cost of what other companies charge! Within the package my chain of command can offer paperback production as well via an international publisher at 15% commission. But hey E-Books seem more of a target market Sales System in today's computer and Apps worldly driven society. I've taken the route of rip-off firms and publishers and believe me 'Do Self-publishing for yourself'.I can offer my route that's cheaper more rewarding simply: because I offer statistical information of; Where to get the vitals via weblinks that give you all that's needed for your actual Startup in Business. And not just a book of knowledgeable ideas either. Updates and additional advice on software can be achieved as well.... Contact Us.


In the package I honestly offer you that gives you the chance to publish on an international scale for £197-75 are:

1a. A software package that has capabilities of international standard E-book conversion applications from Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat software.

b. This software has a website that can link you to publisher websites that span way past any personal or other professional standard I have seen.

c. Full access to HTML editing if you need that access.

d. Book cover application software.

e. Full instructions on the usage of the Software. also help and forum guides. This software is supplied via charitable status that they do allow me to sell. So give a donation - I suggest - if you make it Big-Time. A tax relief loophole in the U.K.

f. In conversion software all it takes is the click of a button for all the major E-readers and should you need it the forum and instructions give you the help you need.


2. In this package you will have access to a multi-national E-Book and paperback publisher that will charge a commission of 15%. We charge 25% should you want to publish through our website. Some publishers charge up to 90% commission per E-book sold. Or hundreds just to give you a supply for friends and family. No, build your own E-book Self-publish service website so that they can download your books to their computer or mobile device at no cost to yourself. Yes, facebook, twitter and all the social sites can be at the hands of your Self-publishing success.


3. Your own access to a website service provider for building for your own E-book publishing webite free of charge. For this website I pay £14.99 a month for full friendly support and costs. This website host service have an absolutely friendly and intelligent support service. Believe me when I started building this site I knew absolutely nothing and I mean nothing of web design. Looks hard but hey, it is all towards the route of a successful E-Book Self publishing trading system. Common sense: not a lazy route that costs thousands of pounds/dollars in your pockets wages or savings. All you need is Microsoft Word ot Acrobat Adobe knowledge and a little bit of common sense.


4. If you have thought about translation processes for Self-publishing look no further because we can provide you with a provider.


5. A validation website to get international verification of your Self-published E-books to internationally recognised E-book conversions. The conversion software application I offer does all major E-Book reader devices like amazon and Apples ipad. It's the most comprehensive software I have found researching my own Self-published E-book services. Believe me I brought loads of E-book software and had to go through many a refund of my money before I found this fully comprehensive E-book package of Self publishing. It's simple ad precise and its all you need to succeed if you have a will and drive to take your E-books to the world of Self-publishing.


These services are offered via downloads services that we supply. You will be lucky if you find them, so look if you want, but you should keep a reference to this website and be prepared to be ripped off for selling books to only your friendly and family. Do it yourself if you want a cheap way.My website has grown from 1500 visitors in the first three years and is still growing.                  . All because I wanted to get my E-books website into successful realms. I do                         hope to allow you to do that as well. Adverts on your website are also something you will need. My web host makes it extremely easy to earn money this way from your book website simply by 'copy and paste' methods. That's a simple part of the common sense of know-how with my web host provider if you know a Microsoft word processor!


What would you like do? Spend hundreds if not thousands on Self-publishing to give relatives a copy or 90% commission for each copy sold of your book? NO £197.75 is honestly a cheap and more sensible offer for my knowledge than going to other E-book companies. E-books are more user friendly for your family and can be downloaded to their computer, E-reader and mobile devices. An offer that you can easily build an international E-book and website for yourself via building a marketting campaign if you have the knowledge and drive to succeed in the Self-publishing world. It's software and a pakage to implement all the major international  E-book readers as well. Turn your books into an international website and also E-books that can be published across all major E-book readers in a worldly system of mobile devices. If you want to Self-publish successfully use this cheap service for a true impact on the international E-Book device market that gives its own self-rewards and successfulness because you deserve to build the success of Self-publishing for yourself.