THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

What is trauma of Schizophrenia?

The trauma of Schizophrenic symptoms unlike hearing sublime voices of trauma involved in other traumatic psychotic episodes is the establishment of the trauma of paranoia to the outer self via the inner Self. The trauma of Schizophrenia is traumatic paranoid responses to outer fears towards sublime voices and noises caused at a trauma of the Psychosocial paranoia state where the person lives as a Core Identity (Self) being the brunt of ridicule that has always existed to protect loud mouthed criminals. Loud mouths are okay but a criminal is not good so keep that in mind. Let's face it a criminal is more fun than someone sitting with the head bowed to that subjection of trauma and the traumatic sublime voices. How else are wars created. Because that is human nature: over breeding needs culling and that is a sad fact of Earthly nature. Although I will say some authorative figures consider themselves above nature...keep your own figure off that nuclear button Barack Obama I'm not a breeder or a soldier of those fortunes....Ahem. Or am I being unreasonable to say China had it right with one baby. Anyway enough insanity...

Ahem. When it comes to cancelling the effects of the trauma of paranoid schizophrenia and the sublime trauma of sublime voices an aspect needs to be looked at in the Self of Core Identity of traumatic sublime voices. That aspect is vocalisation of what is actually going on within the outer self of traumatic Psychosocial that affects your inner Self as the trauma of hearing paranoid schizophrenic voices. In the existence of sublime thought and the trauma of the paranoia to trauma of hearing voices it can form a conjoining (Interpellation) that does not allow you to express yourself as a vocal Self-behavioural Analysis (SBA). When undergoing my own treatment I had enough logic to remain in clarity and this gave me 'Realisation' that hearing sublime voices of trauma of schizophrenia were real to the Self.

the trauma of the Vagus nerve and the traumatic state it gives to the Glossopharyngeal nerve. These two areas of brain and the lower nerve in the jaw control speech and thought patterns. These work together as a dysfunction that can contort the facial features into an acceptance of the trauma of mental illness that many in the Norm of Society see written on the face of traumatised mental health patients. Here's some advice that is needed and that is exercise.....go for a jog or a walk. It will help restabilise the facial contortions that has closed your hearing to a sleep level to what should be a sensual action of unconsciousness. If that is below you then what I advise is jaw exercises when sublime voice of trauma issues are getting the better of you.

Quite simply by exaggerating the motions of the jaw you can move away from the trauma of sublime reactions of delusional thought and sublime trauma of hearing schizophrenic voices you are inflicting on yourself to a non-Inner 'Peace' Experience. Another route that can be used to alleviate the trauma of hearing voices in the head (inner ears and inner voice box actually) is: when you first wake try yawning and stretching. If you say I cant seem to yawn well 'Fake it'. Yawning actually stretches the inner ears into re-opening towards a conscious state of mind that Alleviates the trauma of schizophrenic voices of traumatic paranoia. Yawning with a loud noise is also extra input that causes the body and mind to regain itself to a conscious state of alertness and hearing instead of the trauma of hearing voices. Read through the website it's full of bits and pieces of information. But also why not download the E-books for my full course of tips on how to beat the mental health state of mind.

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