THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.


Converting Resilience.

Resilience conversion in Self-Behavioural Analysis (S.B.A) is the ideology behind the eBooks: The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists. Resilience as you now know is a concept in the Sympathetic nerve. It is a Resilience that has built a wall against Psychosocial Social Chakra Energies via the lonesome Parasympathetic nerve. It is as Ignorance in the Parasympathetic nerve of social isolation. In the Psychological trauma of calm Facial Conformity Disorder panic where you look up to admit what? Being unwell to sublime issues where no one notices you on the treadmill of mental strength and agility of Resilience to show you do not spread vocal voices to a doctor that diagnoses your brain disease with further crapped on voices.

No my first Consultant got it wrong by diagnosing me with further theorems of voices.

It is the trauma of hearing voices and thoughtfulness and it is the 7 Chakras of Psycho Social Germ Layers. These create the Anxiety of Inner Experiences, but the Germ Layers that cause verbal or Self thought of inner Anxiety and Outer Experiences of sublime (peripheral) Paranoia and panic. It is from Psychosocial scent of Symbolic Data gathering in the day/night/day continuum of Parasympathetic Rest and Digest breath. That is the absorbing of Harmonic Psychosocial Sympathetic Fight and Flight of scent and sweat that lowers the Heart Chakra.

Resilience conversion and S.B.A are a Self tonal negotiation and tonal pitch and strength that interacts with Psychosocial via convincing yourself verbally. Resilience has its opposite and that is Flight of Defeatism. This reacts in the Fight or Flight and Rest and Digest of these two nerves in Harmony of the Psychosocial body/brain barrier of scent. It is Sweat and communication of noise. It is where you will not reassure yourself via verbalising Resilience that you do not need to be marathon treadmill runner getting absolutely nowhere in the Norm of Society in choice of communiqué (admitting voices).
Singing (SBA of vocal Prosody) is a way to find what pleases your sublime Parasympathetic peripheral Chakra Energy sensations of the Sympathetic nerves body mentalist attitude. Once you find the vocal resonances of Prosody (study of language) you can start channelling verbal interaction with your own Chakra Energies of the Inner thought Experience. It is the natured congruence of creatures of the animal kingdom that control this part in Chakra Karma.

Studying how the Psychological trauma of hearing voices (Interpellation thoughts) and thoughts Tardif Dyskinesia that forms a Facial Conformity Disorder. It is also for those who are mentally agile in Throat Chakras as: being able to verbally voice the Self of Core Identity that medicaments can sometimes cause thought blockages via Tardive Dyskinesia.
At this point via singing sadness, distress, anxiousness and paranoid Confabulations can be assessed as a Facial Conformity Disorder. It is via tonal expression affecting the way you conduct your Self in verbal and Psychosocial in Buzzing company. Also it is because your body mentalist language of looking up in relaxation at fun loving criminals with Ignorance and Disassociation. Instead a panic forms as your Facial Conformity Disorder of not looking at the treadmill opposite. In meditation and Yoga tonal style energies (Glossopharyngeal nerve and Larynx in the Throat Chakra and meat tissue Germ Layers) are used from Symbolic Data gathered over your personal historical Insignificance of accepting new people into your life via accepting Ignorant compassions.

That is the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve reaction when Self-Behavioural Analysis is applied to singing with the enactment of sublime facial Conformity Resilience issues. Ignorant Resilience is power. It is not Parasympathetic Harmony of a Resilient body/brain barrier of Ignorance and strength of Psychosocial interaction to public Inner Experiences of interactional negotiation of a hunter.

If you cannot sing then hum or whistle. They are part of meditation and Self-Behavioural Analysis. Read the eBooks......................

These are the autonomic and Central Nervous Systems (ANS) and (CNS) and how it causes Harmony in the body/brain barrier of the Medulla Oblongata. This is the area in the brain of the Sympathetic, Parasympathetic nerves and Glossopharyngeal nerve that affects the Chakra external Throat voices of the Pharynx thought and vocalised Larynx.
The Parasympathetic, Sympathetic and the Throat Chakras Inner voice box of the Pharynx and Larynx are all part of this area of the brain of the trauma of hearing Psychological sublime voices in the head. The Medulla Oblongata is the Motor Function of the body/brain barrier in how the body and brain perceive thoughts and delusional Psychosocial Interpellation.
Whether you are physical and mentally agile a Facial Conformity Disorder holds you in Sympathetic Resilience of a peripheral sublime facial contortion of not speaking to the person on the other treadmill. An Ignorance and Disassociation that stops you meeting new people and things on the treadmill of a Script life narration of Buzzing noise. That Psychosocial facial contortion needs converting via letting go of a peripheral Psychosocial Inner Experience of electro-chemistry that contorts the facial muscles and affects body mentalist attitudes of body language. Going to the cinema could cause that Psychosocial Sympathetic Resilience to conform the Parasympathetic Germ Layers out of those Facial Conformity Disorders. That shows your Resilient strength as a body mentalist of Ignorance and Disassociation in Rest and Digest and Fight or Flight Psychosocial negotiation reactions. This is to sublime peripheral (outer eye or whispered noises into the ears) public notions, motions and electro-chemical emotions to your Core Identity of Buzzed frequency and sounds.

Convert you Resilience to the Parasympathetic silence of looking at people, but with compassion. It is a Rest and Digest where you consciously see things via Sympathetic notions that give emotions of Harmony and conversation. It is by talking to that person on the other treadmill of silently running away from Anxiousness and thoughtful panic. This takes away the notion of emotional Paranoia that is the thoughtful Interpellation of small talk introductions of your treadmill of life narration of Homeostatic Script. Script is Destiny affecting your Psychosocial body language and communiqué in your 7 Chakras of Life’s interactional Story.

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