THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

  • Symptoms of mental illness

    Symptoms of Mental illness.

    Signs and symptoms of the Psychological traumas of mental illness vary and depend on the type of Psychologically traumatizing mental illness. Mental illness trauma affects the emotions, thoughts, and behaviours and creates the state of Abnormal to be Normal. This is because a Core Identity (self) that cannot relate to Psychosocial (public) circumstances in a rational or coherent way.

    Some Examples of signs and symptoms that include:

     Feeling sad or down

     Confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate

     Excessive fears or worries, or extreme feelings of guilt

     Extreme mood changes of highs and lows

     Withdrawal from friends and activities

     Significant tiredness, low energy or problems sleeping

     Detachment from reality (delusions), paranoia or hallucinations

     Inability to cope with daily problems or stress

     Trouble understanding and relating to situations and to people

     Alcohol or drug abuse

     Major changes in eating habits

     Sex drive changes

     Excessive anger, hostility or violence

     Suicidal thinking

    If a best friend or loved one shows signs of the trauma of Psychological mental illness, then it would be a good time to have an open and honest discussion with them about any concerns you have seen. You can offer encouragement and support and offer advice on them seeing a mental health specialist.

    Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions. They are conditions and Psychological disorders that affect mood, thinking, and behaviour. Some examples of mental health symptoms include the trauma of Depression, traumatic Anxiety Disorders, the Psychological trauma of Schizophrenia and addictive and compulsive behaviours. Many Core Identity subjects suffer mental stresses at times in their life. However, a Psychosocial abnormal mentality forms when a mental illness concern becomes an ongoing disorder where frequent stresses affect your ability to function in a Psychosocial and personal atmosphere.

    A mental illness can make you feel miserable causing problems in your daily routine. Daily problems such as school or work, but also in your relationships that cause you or others concern towards your unstable attitude. In most cases, a treatment with medication and talking therapies are enough to stabilize a Psychological trauma of mental health illness. Talking therapies are known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Psychotherapy.

    Mental illnesses are thought to be caused by a variety of Psychosocial environmental factors and genetic factors. Inherited genetic factors of mental illness are more common in people whose blood relatives also have Psychological traumas of mental illness. Certain genes are said to cause inherited symptoms and increases your risk of becoming mentally unwell due to your Psychosocial life situations.

    The brain Neurochemistry also has functions in mental illness. Also, the body/brain barrier can be affected because you become Psychosocially inhibited in Ignorance and Disassociation. Neurotransmitters interact in the body/brain barrier affecting how you react and behave towards other people. In other words that Core Identity either isolates themselves or suffer a traumatic Psychological manic attack. These are Psychosocial situation that can cause a Core Identity mental health problems:

     A blood relative, such as a parent or sibling, with a mental illness.

     Stressful Psychosocial life situations, such as any financial problems, or a loved one's death or even a divorce.

     An ongoing (chronic) medical condition, such as diabetes.

     Brain damage as a result of a serious injury, such as a violent blow to the head

     Psychologically Traumatic experiences, such as military combat or being assaulted.

     The use of alcohol or recreational drugs.

     Being abused or neglected as a child.

     Having few friends or few healthy Psychosocial relationships.

     A previous mental illness.

    Mental illness is a leading cause of disability. If left untreated mental illness can sometimes cause severe emotional, behavioural and also physical health problems. Some physical complications sometimes linked to mental illness are:

     Unhappiness and decreased enjoyment of life.

     Family conflicts.

     Relationship difficulties.

     Psychosocial isolation.

     Problems with tobacco, alcohol and other types of drugs.

     Missed work or school, or other problems related to work or school.

     Legal and financial problems.

     Poverty and homelessness.

     Self-harm and harm to others, including suicide or homicide.

     Weakened immune system, so as your body has a harder time of resisting infections.

     Heart disease and other physical medical conditions.

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  • Anxiousness is usually thoughtful... but relates to conscious feelings

    Anxiety or thoughtfulness activates the autonomic nervous system of the Sympathetic nerve in the body/brain barrier. This is via facial nerves and its muscles involving beta hydroxy beta methylbutyric acid (HMB). The facial nerves involve Leucine in the body brain barrier. Medicament can cause dysfunctions that can occur via Tardive Dyskinesia. It is the traumatizing Psychological trauma mental health symptoms in the flight or fight response of the body/brain barrier. And that is where there is no sublime Ignorance from the Parasympathetic nerve as well. It can express and cause neurochemical and nerve expression and as a Body mentalist attitude. This can be through a number of different physiological (and generally unpleasant) bodily symptoms that do not exist in a Norm of Society attitude in the mentally unwell.

    It is also a mental health via Facial Conformity Disorders and the inner voice box of Psychological Anxiety Disorders that medicament can cause. This is known as Tardive Dyskinesia. It also includes other mental health stresses as well: including panic attacks, lack of fast pulse and lack of palpitations all due to a lack of exercise where the Ignorance nerve is the cause.

    Also it can lead to shallow breathing. This then leads to thought in the Psychologically traumatized Vagus and Glossopharyngeal nerves instead of heart palpitations from the Rest and Digest Parasympathetic nerve. They form in the body/brain barrier of the Throat Chakra and inner voice box instead: and Medulla Oblongata in the brain being affected as well. The affectation is via the inner ear of a head Motion Disorder. This is known as Vestibular Motion Disorder.

    It is to self Embodiment (feelings of self) and Psychosocial (Public yet of the self) interaction leading to an energizing of the meat tissue. This is the Germ Layers of centralizing into the 0-7 Psychosocial Chakras energy points of thought and meditation. This is what is causing Inner Experiences of an Anxiousness of Schizophrenia forming in some people via the Sympathetic nerve. This can be known in medicament induced mental illness as Confabulation.

    This is an Inner Experience via Embodiment (inner/outer Chakra feelings) of a Psychosocial Script narration affected by Buzzed (noise) Energies. This then leads into into the 0-7 Chakras. It is where Script is the ‘story that is happening all around us….’

    Zero is the Foot Chakras Germ Layer Energy point in the ball of the feet as an example. In the ball of the foot is where Energy leaves the body’s 3 Germ Layers. These Layers are connected to Embryonic Layers in the fetal womb in energy and aging. This is within Louis Althusser’s Interpellation. In this Psychological Interpellation of Chakras Energy’s it is of Psychosocial timed stimulation of Historical Insignificance. It is a Buzzing of Script (Erving Goffman) narration of Circadian Cycles. It is a timed Psychosocial Embryonic evolution of the bodies Germ Layers Buzzing and energizing references to the 7 Psychosocial Chakras. That is how fetus Interpellation works as a medical inquiry of East and Western Philosophies.

    Schizophrenic thoughtfulness and Anxiety issues in the body/brain barrier of the Glossopharyngeal nerve are a cause via a Facial Conformity Disorder that medicament can cause via Confabulation. Psychological trauma symptoms is its lack of physiological feelings for a logic to Fight or Flight or Rest and Digest. That is because Ignorance is your resilience in your strength of character. And that is until your dysfunctional Circadian Cycle fails again. It then causes Confabulation as an Inner Experience where logic fails. This is to giving a logical reason in the Norm of Society in strength levels of everyday Anxious or stressful thoughtfulness. In the Norm of Society this person might be seen as irate. This leads into the Throat Chakra and inner voice box of the Inner Psychosocial Experience. There are 3 Germ Layers and these are the Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm of Autonomy control the Core Identity in the 0-7 Chakras.



  • Mood Swings.

    There are two types of nerves that maintain and also help control the actions of the digestive system: stomach; large intestines and the small intestines. In the brain this area is controlled via the Vagus nerve. The nerves that control the digestive system of the stomach/brain barrier are the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. All these nerves belong in the brain’s Medulla Oblongata and is a key area in the divide of the body and brain barrier via the stomach. The Extrinsic (outside) nerves co-ordinate the digestive organs from the unconscious part of the brain and or from the Spinal cord. The nerve located from the brain to the spinal cord is an area known as the Vagus nerve. But also the Vagus nerve is a key area for nutrients entering the stomach/brain barrier and how our body’s react to emotions like elation and depression in Bipolar mood swings. These release a chemical called acetylcholine and another called adrenaline (Parasympathetic nerve). This reacts in a Harmony of the body/brain barrier. This is where the Sympathetic nerve controls the more cognitive emotions in Homeostatic control of hot and cold Psychosocial notions that react via Ectoderm (outside) skins layers.

    Intrinsic (Inside) digestive enzymes are produced in the stomach from the food and liquids we ingest. An imbalance in how the Medulla Oblongata functions causes the circadian cycle to malfunction. This is in Psychosocial Homeostasis where the Parasympathetic nerve causes a lack of Ignorance. And that is to dull tones of the Psychosocially Buzzing noise from the crowds notions Elation forms when the Sympathetic nerve causes the overproduction. This malfunction happens in the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nerves where the Bipolar Disorder of elation is concerned. In its Depressive Disorder a Facial Conformity Disorder causes the HMB (Beta Hydroxy Beta Butyric Acid) in the facial muscles a facial muscle feedback to the Medulla Oblongata malfunctions. All these nerves react directly with the facial muscles. HMB can be brought in supplements at many places as can Leucine to aid the facial nerves. Categories involved in food enzymes:

    a. Lipase - break down fat and glycerol in our small intestine

    b. Protease - breakdown of protein

    c. Cellulase - breakdown of fiber

    d. Amylase - breakdown of starch

    e. Lactase - breakdown of dairy foods

    f. Sucrase - breakdown of sugars

    g. Maltase - breakdown of grains

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  • Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia.

    Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia have links to the Psychological trauma of mood swings and Bipolar Disorder. This condition is a deficiency in Protease which digests Proteins. Protease deficiency creates excess alkaline products in the body/brain barrier of the blood. It results in mood swings and Psychological trauma of irritable states of mind. In theory of mind where the sublime interaction from the Buzzing crowd creates an overloading of sensations, it is because of Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia. In a Psychosocial sensation, internal reactions struggle because of these two conditions.

    Protease gives the ability to digest unwanted chemicals. It is in the blood that supplies the brain and body tissue and this builds excessive harmful chemicals that cause the mood swings of Bipolar Disorder. Protein conversion is necessary for Glucose in the body/brain barrier of the blood system. Glucose and Hypoglycemia for Protease Enzymes digestion and this is what causes unnaturally low states and mood swings in its imbalance caused to the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves of body/brain blood barrier.

    Hypoglycemia is when Glucose is too low and Hyperglycemia is when blood sugars are too high and this is what causes the mood swings in Bipolar Disorder. So when the blood sugars are too high because of Hyperglycemia the mood swings towards elation. When the blood Glucose is too low then the Psychological trauma of the depressive side of Bipolar takes place.

    The natural remedy for this is an acidic dietary intake known as a Ketone diet



  • Anxiety.

    Anxiety Disorders are Psychological trauma of mental illness involved with feeling of fear from the body/brain barrier of the Sympathetic nerve. Anxiety is the thoughtful worry of current events that may affect your future. It is a Psychological trauma of mental illness if it is illogical or irrational worry.

    Medications such as Antidepressants or Beta-blockers are usually administered for the Psychological trauma. CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a treatment that has vast implications into how to treat someone with worry. First it is a matter of gaining your trust into worry zones where Anxiety is overcome. You must put trust in your doctor or consultant that your Anxiety Disorder is overcome by them dominating your Psychological trauma of mental illness. It is a mental illness if the worrying thoughts are illogical.

    If you have heart palpitations it is generally seen in children as the beginnings of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). But however, these heart palpitations can reappear showing that you are overcoming the Psychological trauma of thoughtful worry by dominant Sympathetic nerve reactions. The heart and other body mentalist attitudes show that you are overcoming fears inside of you and that's what doctors and Psychological people do via spiritual SBA of getting you communicating with them without anger or paranoia. Paranoia is a Parasympathetic nerve reaction of the body/brain barrier. This barrier is how the body and brain react via peripheral sublime reactions to what is said and done when you are thinking or in Psychosocial (public) reactions.

    GAD is a common Psychological trauma generalised by long-lasting trauma of Anxiety that is not focused on one subject or situation. It is rather the focus on an important issue that worries you such as a doctor’s visit or a certain relationship. Psychosocial disturbances in a tonal attitude cause the two nerves to interact in the Core Identity known as Self to cause worry or Psychological trauma of Anxiety. GAD is the most common mental illness to affect older adults and is caused by Psychosocial insinuation. Although a diagnosis of GAD id given after six months of continual worry, the worry should be looked at. Continual Anxiety revolves around a subject and not everyday issues. Everyday issues are normal, but a Cycle of Enquiry reveals that certain issues cause Psychological trauma of mental illness.

    Everyday issues of GAD may affect commitments and daily decisions and can result in a lack of concentration via pre-occupation with thoughtful worry. GAD is the Psychological trauma of commitment to what is illogical. If something worries you because it is illogical to worry in this way then Self-Behavioural Analysis may not be enough and then CBT should be sought after.

    CBT is the training to get you overcoming inner issues with the insinuation that you are in trouble for no other reason than contacting your doctor. And yes some doctors can get into your Theory of Mind to see how you think via necessary means of conversation and thoughtful insinuation. Don’t be afraid of your doctor but please instruct medicament usage because it is hard and that is where Anxiety and Psychological trauma of paranoia need to be discussed. If you cannot discuss this with a doctor I suggest you force the issue and get a change of medication.



  • 5 Disorders of Anxiety.

    The psychological trauma of ‘Anxiety can feel like a spotlight in your mind shining on your deepest fears or worries at all times.’

    Anxiety is an everyday emotion that can lead to the Psychological trauma of Paranoid thoughts as well. But Psychological trauma of Anxiety can interfere if the thoughtful feelings overwhelm a person. Sometimes it can be more about the feelings inside and this then confirms the features into a Psychological trauma I call a Facial Conformity Disorder. This is where the face takes on the looks of a mental health attitude of woeful pains in its structure. In Psychology this is known as Abnormal to be Normal and it affects the Inner Experiences of Theory of Mind.

    There are 5 structures involved in the Psychological trauma of Anxiety:

    1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

    2. Panic Disorder.

    3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

    4. Phobic feelings and thoughts.

    5. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

    When suffering from an Anxiety Disorder feelings and thoughts of stress, panic and worry are longer lasting and can be extremely bothersome and nagging inside. The thoughts are far harder to control as well. Symptoms of this Psychological trauma may also include emotions and feelings including: feeling restless or agitated; having trouble sleeping or keeping concentration on the Inner peace Experience; sweating; shortness of breath that can lead to hearing voices, dizziness and also heart palpitations.

    People with Anxiety Disorder can be stopped from living the life they truly want. Effects include a lack of stimulation in things such as work, seeing friends and even not being able to leave the house where they live. Also, they may find themselves becoming withdrawn from the Norm of Society completely. These Psychological traumas are known as being Abnormal to be Normal.

    What is TN?

    Facial Conformity Disorders of the Psychological trauma of Anxiety Disorders and other mental illnesses are triggered in the fifth cranial nerve known as the Trigeminal nerve. So what is TN? It is Trigeminal Neuralgia and affects the facial features. Unlike Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia, that affects the inner parts of the mouth, lips and inner voice box in the throat. And that causes the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head of the thought patterns. And other sublime hearing of voices from the throat and mouth.

    The physical terms of Trigeminal Neuralgia that the Norm of Society - that are nutritionally fit and healthy suffer are extreme and unpleasant:

    ‘sporadic, sudden burning or shock-like facial pain in the areas of the face where the branches of the nerve are distributed – lips, eyes, nose, scalp, forehead, upper jaw, and lower jaw.

    It is the lack of body/brain barrier nutritional products that causes the lack of pain in the Abnormal to be Normal of Psychological traumas of Anxiety Disorders and other mental illness affecting the looks of the facial expression. So like many mental illnesses such as the 5 Anxiety issues nutrition affects the body/brain barrier of physical ailments. There are many supplements that can be taken to aid Facial Conformity Disorders. ‘

    ‘Pharmacological treatment options include anticonvulsant medications used to block nerve firing and tricyclic antidepressants used to treat pain. Common analgesics and opioids are not usually helpful in treating the pain.’



  • A Sensual Heightening Adaptationed Physiotherapist. Grand Mal Epilepsy?

    Here's a big bitesize noshfrom the Aural Post of Blogg Centruum. Oooops English is a bit flucker Ta

    Dah as well. Thank you for the Hermanuetic Approach that gave reason to the voice I know of mine as a new thought about the word 'In-congruence' and its Religiousness of webpage...

    Welcome to Darren of: D C FITNESS. Darren is achieving towards a Mentality physical therapy Instructor and suffers Grand Mal Epilepsy. In this inner illness that affects the Somantic reactions in the Medulla Oblongata and the Front Temple Lobe via the Body/Brain barrier: Peripheral sublime reaction takes place within Sensual reaction that is usually Dormant via human Adaptations. Sensual in knowingness has become the Term Body Language Ignorance, but for Darren the Epilepsy has become within him the natural ability to talk aloud his sensualness as a gift of Social Sciences I would Term as a 'Natural Adaptation of a Globalizing Psychosocial verbal communication' methodology. Nature would divide this as' "A Religiousness of Congruence". A new statement where 'Sense' is spoken in the Adaptation (evolution) of human Ecology. However with help and his own engineerity Darren as wanting to achieve this via the 'Natural Evolvement' of Sensual Ignorance given in the form of spiritually natured Physical Therapy of Religiousness of Congruence and honor.

    Now about the illness Grand Mal Epilepsy and how the Body/Brain/Body barrier affects the dormant mind as a mentality phobia. The sublime senses can form a Psychosocial Phobia. In Darren's case medication has helped him achieve acceptance of his nature and has now started withdrawing from medicaments. In the link below Grand Mal Epilepsy is partly described as:

    •Temporal lobe epilepsy is the most common form of partial or localization related epilepsy.

    This link relates to how a Psychosocial Buzz can heighten the Peripheral Somantic senses due to the Grand Mal Epilepsy Conditioning. It is the hearing that is a cause for concern in those afflicted in a first line defence and curation point. The inner ear dysfunctions in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic as a Vestibular Motion Disorder. However training away from a Mentality Phobia can be achieved via your meds. Self behavioural Analysis (S.B.A) is a part of this website in me personally, but my overdose of paracetamol was a cry for help and that came from spiritual psychiatry. So although sometimes harsh, a visit is advised towards visiting a doctor or Counsellor.

    So anyway the Buzz that belongs to you when you are say, "In a Bar or Coffee House" belongs to you personally. This is known as your Core Identity personality. In the illness Grand Mal Epilepsy this Psychosocial Buzz relates in the public domain - known as a Setting - to the Temporal Lobe opening to sublime noise, sounds, conversation and energy via a partial or localization Epilepsy when in a public area. And the people and objects are the, 'Meeting of Theory of Minds in an Electro-chemical Soup of unrelated energy' other than the Psychosocial Interpellation. The word Interpellation or 'Conjoining' is a verbal and body mentalism communication from objectional articulations (furniture and atmosphere). Conjoining is a state that defines your Fashion Trend in the type of people you desire in your routine of communication and clique design of Embodiment negotiations of Congruence (harmony). In this Buzz the Disorder of mentality is firstly via Vestibular Motion Disorder in the inner ears and how in the Norm of Society the sublime reactions that takes place in Psychosocial noise is usually ignored because the hearing is shifted away via Inhibition or Excitory methods of in the nervous system. That is controlled via Epinephrine and Norepinephrine and how body ignorance becomes 'Off-key' in some people because of Conformity Disorders.

    This can be caused because of physical disorders like Grand Mal Epilepsy or other mentality phobias where you are physically and mentally mal-nurished. Being Holistic I prefer the use of minerals and vitamins and highly nutritious foods that target key areas of the body or brain. Darren has told me as does the website confirms:

    •Temporal lobe epilepsy is the most common form of partial or localization related epilepsy.

    He speaks of the energy from our stars light in spiritual quantuum relativity. But said in another it is a Psychosocial Buzz of Mother Earth's Congruence of natureness that is. Partial and localization is a state of Psychosocial Buzz in a setting or surroundings where nature is the device Darren controls in his own stars light he refers to as God via Nature that can adhere notions to the Spiritually advised Congruence of Religiousness and Social Sciences of Behaviour. Darren has control so in the partial aspect of his Grand Mal Epilepsy outside forces allow him to keep within his spiritual context of acting as a guide of our Earth light from our (Script, Scripture, God, etc...) Star. Even here Script can be brought under control in terms of Script 'narration' and installing and or empowering natural strong points in your behaviour and is known in Psychology as Operants that can stimulate therapy in Grand Mal Epilepsy and also mentality phobias involved in sensual and sublime mental health issues. It is Deviant or Deviance that defines your Natured of Congruence in the usage of sublime reactions via Body and Language Ignorance that stabilzes you into your own clique of friends and associates. This is formed in who you are via Vestibular Motion and how it notions the body to naturally communicate itself in relaxing and competition. Consider your home as a point for calmness and relaxationaryness it is the first part in regaining a partial placebo of ignorance from mentality disorders such as Grand Mal Epilepsy.

    A very special thanks to Kingfisher Court and all the team of Owl ward for enlightening my mind and confirming Incongruence was established in me. And by the way Mister Man Blackie[Honor my Grandma or else!] A Wise One' will bring her Bongo Drum 'I Sa and

    h'. It will arrive via Aural FA Postal Cup deliveries from Kentucky fried County, U.S.A. A cockeral In-congruent Company. Hope the Kelvin Temperature isn't rising on that planet of your's King Fisher Court over chicken drumsticks...lollol

    More on my cousin and Grand Mal Epilepsey later in the week.... receptors



  • Depression.

    Most of us have traumatic times when we feel low, but you suffer the Psychological trauma of Depression when these periods extend for weeks or months at a time. That is rather than a few days.

    Some people do not consider Depression to be an illness and say 'Snap out of it'! This is a way of getting you to Condition what is called by me a Facial Conformity Disorder and is to get the face muscles back to a more happy state. The good news is that there are treatments available via medication and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that treats Conformity Disorders.

    How to know when you are suffering a Depressive Disorder?

    Depression can affect people in different ways and has a wide variety of symptoms. It ranges from feelings of hopelessness and sadness. Also, there are other symptoms like losing interest in things you enjoy and feeling very tearful for no logical reason. These latter feelings are due to a Psychological trauma of a Facial Conformity Disorder.

    The physical symptoms of this trauma of mental illness are constant tiredness, sleeping badly, having a lacking of appetite and a loss of sex drive. Aches and pains from Psychological Anxiousness of tensing are also part of the symptoms. Many people with the Psychological condition of Depression suffer from Anxiousness.

    When to see a doctor about the Psychological trauma of Depressive Disorders?

    Being low in spirit to feeling suicidal are the extremes that are the Psychological trauma of Depression. If you feel low in mood or spirit for a month or more it is vital that you go see a doctor because the face structures itself with that Facial Conformity Disorder of this traumatic mental illness. The longer you leave off seeing the G.P (M.D) the more the facial features can set into the muscles of the face from this debilitating Psychological trauma.

    The treatment of the Psychological trauma of Depression.

    Treating Depressive Disorders can involve lifestyle changes (such as relationships with friends), medication and talking therapies (such as self-help groups). Talking therapies are carried out by Specialist’s trained in watchful waiting and these sessions are called Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT). It all depends on the severity of your Psychological condition of mental illness. That is whether the Psychological trauma Conditioning is mild, moderate or severe trauma of Psychological Depression.

    If it is mild the doctor will wait and see using what is called 'watchful waiting' by keeping up appointments. They may also suggest exercise to keep the facial structure from falling further into a Facial Conformity Disorder. Self-help groups may also be part of watchful waiting. CBT is also often used for the Psychological trauma of watchful waiting if the condition is not improving. By talking to a trained Counsellor the face can be restructured away from a mild Depressive Disorder. Anti-depressants can also be prescribed in a mild case of this Conditioning of the facial muscles.

    For moderate to severe cases of Psychological Depressive Disorders, you might be referred to mental health Specialists for the more Psychologically intensive treatment of the trauma of Depression.




  • Sympathetic Anxiety.

    The Psychological Sympathetic nerve.

    The Sympathetic nerve can cause health issues with the Psychological trauma of Anxiousness. This nerve gives the body a Fight or Flight association to other Psychosocial things of Interpellation in Script. Daily things such as: Interpellation via communication; exercise and that uses the Fight Association or body language negotiation Interpellation. When the body is shocked by something this nerve in the body/brain barrier causes a reaction that responds in the Fight or Flight. It is like catching a Peripheral sublime view from the corner of your eye and suddenly looking around. The nerve then causes a reaction of either Psychological Disassociation or the Parasympathetic nerve responds by calming down the Peripheral Psychological trauma Anxiety state and allows communication of a body mentalist attitude of talk or body language against trauma.

    In the brain the Sympathetic nerve fires neurons into the spinal cord that then enters the heart and gets it pumping for exercise or running away from Psychological trauma of anxiousness in the Flight mode. It releases Acetylcholine that reacts with Nicotinic in the body/brain barrier. In response to this barrier the Sympathetic reaction releases Noradrenaline into the body. This is the opposite of Adrenaline and these are released to keep you in a balanced body mentalist attitude.

    These two electro-chemicals bind together and cause a harmony that keeps you stable. Adrenaline is released from the Parasympathetic nerve. In the Fight or Flight response reactions include pupil dilation, sweating, increased heart rate and higher the blood pressure. In other words it kicks you into action. These are not the reactions of Disassociation from this nerve. They are the Psychological Anxiety or barter input from this nerve, but also Disassociation to other Psychosocial Peripheral sensations. It is a way of concentrating on a subject, person or thing that you are interacting with.



  • Psychological trauma of Anxiety.

    What are the differences between everyday Psychological Anxiety and the Psychological trauma of Anxiety Disorders?

    Everyone has Psychological Anxiety in our daily routine. Psychological Anxiety is the release of thoughts as stress factors in the Sympathetic nerve of the body/brain barrier. An Anxiety Disorder is a significance of how those thoughts formulate within you your 7 Chakras. Chakras are Inner Experience areas. And if they are Psychologically disturbing to you as a traumatic Psychological event. It can be difficult to tell the difference between the two, but generally, if your thoughts are getting on top of you then it might be time to see and speak to a Psychological Specialist.

    In general is a stress response in the Chakra energies in the brain/body where 7 points exist as thought or Karma zones. It is a Psychological stress response released in the Sympathetic nerve in the body/brain barrier. Stress and the trauma of Psychologically disturbing thoughts of Anxiety are not good for you because they form trauma. Meditation can be great for the release of stress and thoughts that are traumatically Anxious.

    In the Sympathetic notion, a Fight or Flight response is released via electro-chemicals in the brain and enter the body via the Ganglia in the Spinal cord. Strength against Psychological Anxiety and traumatic Anxiety Disorders like General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) are gained in Disassociation to thoughts of the Chakra energy, but also Psychological Disassociation to thoughtful trauma caused by sublime sights.

    Disassociation in the Sympathetic nerve causes a lack of thoughts, hence meditation of the Inner Experience where also Psychological thoughts can be explored for the trauma they can give. Psychologically speaking trauma and Anxiety Disorders go hand-in-hand because you are keyed up to respond in your 7 Chakras to Psychologically disturbing points via the Parasympathetic nerve. In other words, your Harmony of these two nerves is set to give Psychological Anxiousness. What you need to do is gather a new Disassociation response at times when your Parasympathetic placid self causes you to look up at Peripheral sublime reactions in your Psychosocial event. Psychosocial is the reactants when viewing public aspects as thoughts and peace of the Parasympathetic nerve and Inner Experiences of the 7 Chakras. This is known as Inner Experiences of a Core Identity that reacts in a Psychosocial Performance in a Setting. A thoughtfulness is a lack of Psychological Disassociation to key events of Prosody that enters your Chakras from Psychosocial Peripheral sublime sights and sounds. In general, you have lost Disassociation to the stresses of thoughtfulness in a Psychosocial disturbance that leads to Abnormal to be Normal. This is because you look Psychologically thoughtful. People use Parasympathetic Ignorance because of the trauma and Disassociation you purvey to Psychosocial events in a Performance.

    In the Parasympathetic nerve of the Psychological trauma of Anxiety, you are looking up because your Inner Experience is at peace but also because you no longer feel Anxiousness. However, at this point, you need to look up and smile or raise a thumb. This is the first step away from falling further into Psychological Anxiousness when – as many do – you look down again!




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