THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

  • Here's some interesting facts regarding Cannabis THETA Waves and the New-world Psychiatry of Delta Waved Psychosocial client groups via 'Traumatic Pathogenic' toxins in Psycho Social Histamines.

    The lack of motion sickness in the Delta Wave amplitude function of some Histamine sufferers of Traumatic Pathogenic toxins that some drugs like cannabis give alleviation via motion sickness. This gives a pleasurable dizzy feeling. This which is acceptable to the Norm of Society. Alpha Lipoic Acid and 5-HTP are great for this and are used to treat the trauma of Depression and the trauma of Insomnia and the extreme Anxiety trauma of Kundalini (over 18's only).

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  • The mind and the spinal cord process all data coming in from various sense organs all through the body and facilitate appropriate sublime and conscious body mentalist reactions. Both the mind and the spinal cord are associated with different parts of the body/brain barrier via the peripheral nerves of traumatized sensation that involves: psychological trauma of depression, anxiety and paranoia and the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head…

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  • The Psychological Sympathetic nerve of sublime Peripheral Psychosocial Interpellation.

    The Psychological Sympathetic nerve.

    The Sympathetic nerve can cause health issues with the Psychological trauma of Anxiousness. This nerve gives the body a Fight or Flight association to other Psychosocial things of Interpellation in Script. Daily things such as: Interpellation via communication; exercise and that uses the Fight Association or body language negotiation Interpellation. When the body is shocked by something this nerve in the body/brain barrier causes a reaction that responds in the Fight or Flight. It is like catching a Peripheral sublime view from the corner of your eye and suddenly looking around. The nerve then causes a reaction of either Psychological Disassociation or the Parasympathetic nerve responds by calming down the Peripheral Psychological trauma Anxiety state and allows communication of a body mentalist attitude of talk or body language against trauma.

    In the brain the Sympathetic nerve fires neurons into the spinal cord that then enters the heart and gets it pumping for exercise or running away from Psychological trauma of anxiousness in the Flight mode. It releases Acetylcholine that reacts with Nicotinic in the body/brain barrier. In response to this barrier the Sympathetic reaction releases Noradrenaline into the body. This is the opposite of Adrenaline and these are released to keep you in a balanced body mentalist attitude.

    These two electro-chemicals bind together and cause a harmony that keeps you stable. Adrenaline is released from the Parasympathetic nerve. In the Fight or Flight response reactions include pupil dilation, sweating, increased heart rate and higher the blood pressure. In other words it kicks you into action. These are not the reactions of Disassociation from this nerve. They are the Psychological Anxiety or barter input from this nerve, but also Disassociation to other Psychosocial Peripheral sensations. It is a way of concentrating on a subject, person or thing that you are interacting with.

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  • What are the differences between everyday Psychological Anxiety and the Psychological trauma of Anxiety Disorders?

    Everyone has Psychological Anxiety in our daily routine. Psychological Anxiety is the release of thoughts as stress factors in the Sympathetic nerve of the body/brain barrier. An Anxiety Disorder is a significance of how those thoughts formulate within you your 7 Chakras. Chakras are Inner Experience areas. And if they are Psychologically disturbing to you as a traumatic Psychological event. It can be difficult to tell the difference between the two, but generally, if your thoughts are getting on top of you then it might be time to see and speak to a Psychological Specialist.

    In general is a stress response in the Chakra energies in the brain/body where 7 points exist as thought or Karma zones. It is a Psychological stress response released in the Sympathetic nerve in the body/brain barrier. Stress and the trauma of Psychologically disturbing thoughts of Anxiety are not good for you because they form trauma. Meditation can be great for the release of stress and thoughts that are traumatically Anxious.

    In the Sympathetic notion, a Fight or Flight response is released via electro-chemicals in the brain and enter the body via the Ganglia in the Spinal cord. Strength against Psychological Anxiety and traumatic Anxiety Disorders like General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) are gained in Disassociation to thoughts of the Chakra energy, but also Psychological Disassociation to thoughtful trauma caused by sublime sights.

    Disassociation in the Sympathetic nerve causes a lack of thoughts, hence meditation of the Inner Experience where also Psychological thoughts can be explored for the trauma they can give. Psychologically speaking trauma and Anxiety Disorders go hand-in-hand because you are keyed up to respond in your 7 Chakras to Psychologically disturbing points via the Parasympathetic nerve. In other words, your Harmony of these two nerves is set to give Psychological Anxiousness. What you need to do is gather a new Disassociation response at times when your Parasympathetic placid self causes you to look up at Peripheral sublime reactions in your Psychosocial event. Psychosocial is the reactants when viewing public aspects as thoughts and peace of the Parasympathetic nerve and Inner Experiences of the 7 Chakras. This is known as Inner Experiences of a Core Identity that reacts in a Psychosocial Performance in a Setting. A thoughtfulness is a lack of Psychological Disassociation to key events of Prosody that enters your Chakras from Psychosocial Peripheral sublime sights and sounds. In general, you have lost Disassociation to the stresses of thoughtfulness in a Psychosocial disturbance that leads to Abnormal to be Normal. This is because you look Psychologically thoughtful. People use Parasympathetic Ignorance because of the trauma and Disassociation you purvey to Psychosocial events in a Performance.

    In the Parasympathetic nerve of the Psychological trauma of Anxiety, you are looking up because your Inner Experience is at peace but also because you no longer feel Anxiousness. However, at this point, you need to look up and smile or raise a thumb. This is the first step away from falling further into Psychological Anxiousness when – as many do – you look down again!



  • Using thesupplemental Neuro-Optimizer with Traumatic Depression and the trauma of Anxiety and panic attacks.

    Acetylcholine in a definition of depression and Anxiety concerns how Psychosocial Plasticity, Arousal and Reward lower the Harmony effect of the heart in Theory of Mind. It is in the Sympathetic nerve in the brain. This is when Acetylcholine inhibition and Alpha Wave Amplitudes affect Peripheral Vision to sublime Psychosocial events. This causes the heart rate to lower making you susceptible to influence from other's in the body/brain barrier. Neuro-Optimizer allows for the Parasympathetic reaction in the brain to allow the heart to remain naturally inhibited via blocking Sympathetic nerve stimulation of Anxiety and Panic via Taurine and Osmoregulation of electro-chemical ions in the cells of tissue. The supplement Neuro-Optimizer allows for natural Inhibitory and Excitory Harmony effects in the body/brain barrier that alleviates traumatic Depression. This is also against the trauma of Depression, Anxiety and traumatic panic attacks.

    In these three Inhibitory states frustration, anxiety or panic causes confusion in the body/brain barrier to the Parasympathetic heart via Theory of Mind. That is if the Inhibitory effect of influence becomes an unconscious Sympathetic Reward that then starts to define an unhappy look into facial sadness or depression via the Sympathetic nerve’s visual sensations of anxiety. The unconscious or sublime Excitory effect is caused in the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) of Parasympathetic reactions leading to traumatic depression.

    In the autonomic nervous system, Acetylcholine is released in the following sites:

    • all pre- (before) and post-ganglion (after) Parasympathetic neurons.

    • all pre-ganglion Sympathetic neurons.

    These Ganglions are clusters of nerves extending to and from the body/brain barrier. They control how you react in situations once the nerves cause conscious or Psycho Social sublime body mentalist motions and or electro-chemical outer notions. These Ganglions are situated in the brain’s Medulla Oblongata.

    However the supplement Neuro-Optimizer is a nutrition for the brain, that combines CDP Choline, Phosphatidylserine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Glutamine and Taurine that then enhances brain metabolism and antioxidant protection safely and naturally (body), without the use of heart stimulants instead of traumatic depression via stabilising with Excitory Acetylcholine lifting the mood in the body/brain barrier. This allows the natural Inhibitory/Excitory Harmony effect of the heart rate to remain naturally stimulated in the body/brain barrier via Neuro-Optimizer.

    This is of the Parasympathetic nerve reaction of depression. And the Sympathetic nerves lack of panic attacks getting the heart beating stability. Neuro-Optimizer then cancels body/brain reactions in the mental illnesses in the heart of the trauma of Anxiety and traumatic Depression. It also alleviates panic attacks from Citicholine via Harmony in the heart, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Ganglion.

    Citicoline (CDP-Choline) is an essential intermediate in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine. It is a major constituent of the grey matter of the brain’s Germ Layer tissues. Citicoline promotes brain metabolism in the body/brain barrier of the Autonomic nervous system. This is by enhancing the synthesis of Acetylcholine and restoring phospholipid content in the brain. And that strengthens Theory of Mind and body mentalist physical attributes of the heart and visualisation.


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  • Symptoms and signs in the trauma of Psychosis are Psychosocial Conditioning of hallucinations and or delusions. It is known as Confabulation. It is a state where sublime Peripheral sensations affect the Inner Experience from outer sights and sounds. Sympt

    The body mentalist attitude interprets these inner feelings via the electro-chemicals of the Theory of Mind and its emotional stimuli of Embodiment. Embodiment explains how your feelings create emotions about others in the Self of Core Identity. Once Embodiment overloads your Inner Experience of your Theory of Mind starts to show symptoms of the trauma of Psychosis.

    These feelings that you show outwardly as traumatic Psychosis are in the Opposition (why) → Deviation → Alleviation (why) → Inner Peace Experience. In other words symptoms of Psychosocial (public) stimuli do not allow Alleviation because these symptoms are sublime actions that are constantly happening and cause your sublime traumatic symptoms of Psychosis.

    One of the main reasons for symptoms of Psychosis is a lack of Cortical rebooting via blinking. Blinking causes - at times - a momentary shutting down of consciousness. This is a time when the brain collects Symbolic Data. This is the body/brain barrier data that is displayed via body language as a Theory of Mind in the continuation of sublime Psycho Social stimulation of your life story known as Script narration. It is a Cycle of Enquiry that enters the electro-chemicals of sweat and homeostatic heat and cold that your body displays in energy and sound, motion, notion and - sometimes the emotional trauma of Psychotic overloads.

    Alleviation is gained via body mentalist language notion of Self expression through letting body language not become burdened by what the sublime is saying of you in Script narration. Opposition can be as simple as shrugging the shoulders and this leads to a Deviation towards Psychosocial that you are not overloading in your Peripheral sensation that can be a definition of traumatic Psychosis. Shrugging the shoulders is a way of saying, "I don't know" in Theory of Mind that Embodiment acknowledges. These are the type of placebos that the eBooks, The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists give. These two eBooks can help with symptoms of the trauma of Psychosis and traumatic Psychotic Episodes. These are my comprehensive eBooks into how I Alleviated myself of mental illness.

    Please visit the eBook website for Self help techniques of someone that has suffered mental illness because of Tardif Dyskinesia caused by medication.



  • Amino acids and psychological trauma.

    Amino Acids.

    Delta (H3) and Alpha (H1) Amino Acid of Histadine and Aspartic and Glutamate acidic Amino acids cause the dysfunctions in some trauma of mental illnesses. Alpha Wave Amplitudes and Delta Wave Amplitudes in the Tinnitus frequency cause a daydreaming sleepwalking affect to sublime trauma of Paranoia, Anxiety, Panic and traumatic Depression. The four main issues that were of Karmic choice instructions in my Holistic methods for cannabis us?:! So if Cortical rebooting (blinking) does not achieve its Alpha Compensation, then so harmony is not achieved in the Parasympathetic nerve and the Sympathetic nerve of the body/brain barrier via Glutamate and Acetylcholine.

    Via Gamma (H4) and re-stabilizing to Beta (H1) from a Nitrogenous Histamine compound a Cortical reboot should cancel Alpha Waves in the eyes frequencies from the four main issues, but Beta frequencies regard the Inner ears Experience. Beta controls body mentalist motions. These are of the Parasympathetic nerve via Vestibular Motion and body mentalist attitudes of Embodiment purveyed via Theory of Mind. These in turn are caused by notions of sound reaching the Inner ear Experience of the Fight or Flight or Disassociation of the psychologically traumatized Sympathetic nerve. In turn the Rest and Digest Parasympathetic nerve shows Abnormal to be Normal body mentalist attitude of the Psycho Social psychological trauma of Ignorance towards: Interpellation of the Norm of Societal Beta and Alpha hearing levels. Here is where outer voices of trauma exist in echoes of Delta Wave Amplitudes of Script narration as a Buzz of choral noises in the Inner ear Experience. Some have become adapted to psychologically traumatic mental attitudes of Psychosocial responses via the Amino Acid Glutamate and Aspartic Acid in the vision or Histamine compounds in blood Tinnitus frequency Amplitudes as a brain dysfunction of the Vagus nerve. Glutamate is the most abundant of these two ionic (energy) characteristics of Proteins.

    In the trauma of Tinnitus and ocular frequencies Sympathetic Disassociation and Parasympathetic Ignorance are not achieved via Cortical rebooting which should remove the Tinnitus frequency of Delta Wave Amplitudes to the Parasympathetic side of hearing. When, a true Cortical rebooting takes place blinking momentarily closes down external reactions to the Endocrine Theory of Mind. However the Histamine Nitrogenous bi-products of the body’s Embodiment does not and I say that is Histadine and Aspartic Acid that are Alpha Amino Acids causing Facial Conformity Disorders and luck or Karmic instruction. So the Nitrogenous compounds of Histamine cause a constant Interpellation of Core Identity to Psycho Social Buzz echoes in the Inner ear Experiences of psychological trauma of voices that stabilize the trauma of mental illness issues via Glutamate in the body/brain barrier of the ocular nerve as mental body distortions of Nitrogenous compounds of Histamine. This mental health psychological trauma condition is known as Anachronism.

    In the state of the psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head as I said in my eBooks this is not so. Traumatic sublime voices are issued from the inner voice box in the throat where Script narration exists as a Core Identity of Self expressions to Settings and Performances of sublime Inner thought Experiences to the echo point of the Core Identity inner ear. This is where goals exist in extending your visions of a better future. This causes a Parasympathetic reaction likened to sleepwalking Alpha visualization. Hence the terminology of Confabulation that is a key conception of the trauma of mental illness known as paranoid, delusional converse and thought and the trauma of Anxiety and Panic Disorders in the Inner thought Experience. I've lived these states via meds and I'm trained to assess this.

    Early research suggests this research to be confirmed in its Endocrine shift of air on the inner ears via Vestibular Motion Disorder and removal of Cortical rebooting. This extends to Delta Wave Bicameral Interpellation of Psychosocial Exothermic exclusion via the Sympathetic nerves discord.

    Exposure of the anaesthetized rabbits retina to glutamate (5 mM), aspartate (5 mM), kainate (8 microM) and quisqualate (8 microM) abolished the light-evoked release of (H3) Acetylcholine but increased the spontaneous Resting release four to fivefold. Read here.

    In a furtherance of the Facial Conformity Disorder Hydroxyproline - synthesised from the Amino Acid Proline may aid in re-stabilisation of the facial tissues. This psychological trauma is how the facial structure becomes adapted to the traumas of depression, anxiety, paranoia and traumatizing panic attacks.

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  • Residual Risk Suicide, Depression Disorders and the Elixir of Life.

    Hy again this may be my last report because my Self-Behavioural Analysis is over. This concerns the last report on Residual Risk Suicide? It is the final proof of an Amino Acid that can cure the natural tendency of suicide, but that is known as 'The Exilir of Life' and relates to the 'Womb of Mother Earth' and something called 'Chymotrypsin'. Want more contact me. All the results to this suicide pact with destiny are on this website. Want more contact me. Anyway contact would be nice if you want more like the United Starship Enterprise because I have been researching that over several years but I've decided to retire in Script to Human Script.

    Here's the result of conclusive evidence: Look to their answer and Script (Destiny or whatever).



  • Here's some interesting facts regarding Cannabis THETA Waves and the New-world Psychiatry of Delta Waved Psychosocial client groups via

    Here's some interesting facts regarding Cannabis THETA Waves and the New-world Psychiatry of Delta Waved Psychosocial client groups via 'Traumatic Pathogenic' toxins in Psycho Social Histamines. The

    lack of motion sickness in the Delta Wave amplitude function of some Histamine sufferers of Traumatic Pathogenic toxins that some drugs like cannabis give alleviation via motion sickness. This gives a pleasurable dizzy feeling. This which is acceptable to the Norm of Society. Alpha Lipoic Acid and 5-HTP are great for this and are used to treat the trauma of Depression and the trauma of Insomnia and the extreme Anxiety trauma of Kundalini (over 18's only).

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  • Worry and resultant anxiety are symptoms that you are heading for Psychotic episodes.

    Worry and resultant anxiety are symptoms that you are heading for Psychotic episodes.

    We all know that Schizophrenia can be a world created via paranoia. Psychosis however is different. It evolves from worry caused in the electro-chemical nutraceutics known to most as supplements.

    Worry on the other hand however is the beginning to losing harmony of your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. These in turn may be affected by your electrochemical Vagus nerve where: nutritional imbalances occur in the Nutraceutical area of; the body/brain barrier.

    Nutraceuticals in the Vagus nerve feed via supplemental intake if higher doses are required. In todays foods many include nutritional nutraceutics. When worry sets in it can lead to anxiety in the electro-chemical system in the Vagus nerve due to Facial Conformity Disorders and Leucine.

    Leucine issues in facial structure causes worry lines in the skin and can set into the muscle. At this point the body/brain barrier needs exercise to correct the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves.

    Collagen supplements are excellent for skin set worry lines and Facial Conformity issues with the deeper set version of anxiety. The skin works like electrical receptors to what is known as Psychosocial stimulation of scent and energy. Every sweat pore is a Glandular Sensual neuron. This gives Psychosocial the relativity of electro-chemical interactions in a Setting and Performance and even at home in terms of Script.

    These latter three terms are used by Erving Goffman and involves life narration that leads to sublime trauma of psychotic issues that: extend worry into an electro-chemical anxiety affect via the skin and body mentalist deficiencies when; in a Psycho Social atmosphere involving Script and the crowds Buzzing energy. Script is the 'story happening all around US' This leads to Interpellation.

    Interpellation or a momentary Conjoining involves electro-chemistry on the facial features when conversing, but also the ears. Listening is also a Sympathetic and Parasympathetic notion of 'Fight or Flight' or Rest and Digest'. Worry is caused by Parasympathetic nerve 'Rest and Digest' instead of thoughtless Inner Experiences. Thought creates electro-chemistry in the body/brain barrier and exercise creates depletion of old leucine deposits of worry lines set as a Facial Conformity Disorder. Worry extends towards Psychosis if the dysfunctional Harmony of the three nerves becomes nutraceutical. I always recommend a multivitamin B complex especially if you suffer a lot of worry or anxiety, but also a marine collagen supplement with physical exercise activities.

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    AND sympathetic-nerve-trauma-and-anxiety




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