THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Parasympathetic nerve

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The neurotransmitter of parasympathetic nerves is acetylcholine. It has two types of receptors (cells within the body/brain reactions of your life force story): nicotinic (also known as vitamin B 3: a Niacin mineral supplement) and muscarinic. This is a big word page I hope to explain to any Joe Bloggers reading this.


The (Niacin or vitamin B3) receptors are found at the neuromuscular junction (body/brain barrier), autonomic (ANS) ganglia and also in the Central Nervous System (CNS). The ANS affects the internal organs (body) that plays a large part in the Vagus nerve (brain) also. The Vagus nerve also controls the thoughts patterns and vocal actions in the subconsciousness and also  in conscious speech. These are a reaction within the Peripheral actions (Sublime notions) that the internal organs cause to keep within a conscious mentality stabilization (body language). These Peripheral sublime notions are in fact what Psychosocial (public interaction of sounds and motions) that causes you to form your emotional state of mind. This leads to who you relate to when out in public situations (a Fashion Trend). It also forms what sounds or noises you react to when in the domestic home as well. This is how Script (everything) narration forms from within you to outer energy forces of your life story.


Anyway the muscarinic receptors (body/brain bonds) are found mostly on autonomic effector cells innervated by postganglionic (afterwards) parasympathetic nerves in the body nerves and not the brain. This is how the body/brain receptor cells compliment a healthy body, mind and soul’s energy.  At this point the body’s heart organ plays the key role in the mentality stabilization to keep you mentally and emotionally stable. It is known as ‘Rest and Digest’, but also ‘Disassociation’. The latter is a cause to sublime issues you might have because you have lost the art of ignoring your life story of Script echoes via your body language acting sluggishly (sleeplike or lethargic).


MUSCARINIC RECEPTOR AGONISTS (Agonists are a substance that initiates a physiological response when combined with a receptor in the body’s cells. Antagonists stop cells from binding together in the body/brain barrier). (A bit like a friend or enemy or even a smooth emotional conversation). Antagonists you might know are Beta blockers or Alpha blockers.


Two types are acetylcholine and  choline esters of methacholine, carbachol, bethanechol Endogenous and synthetic (medicines) cholinomimetic alkaloids – pilocarpine, muscarine, arecoline (found in betel nuts). A part of sub-types known as M1, M2, M3, M4, M5. You can find an article at my Wordpress account at:




Choline esters. Ester names are derived from the parent alcohol and the parent acid, where the latter may be organic or inorganic. Esters derived from the simplest carboxylic acids react via Acetylcholine and examples include bethanechol and carbachol.


1. Acetylcholine has a combination of effects and is ingested rapidly into the system. For this reason it is rarely used as a medicament in clinical situations. The synthetic version last longer and can be used more decisively.



a. Cardiovascular system – vasodilatation and hypotension, negative chronotropic effects (decreased pulse) and negative inotropic effects (decrease in force of contraction). Nutrition such as black teas are my recommendation to increase the production of this bodily lack of correction. Only acetylcholine and methacholine have significant effects on the heart. This is a good research method into the effects of panic attacks and the paranoid effects. Be a J oe Blogger people and do some research. This is in the harmony of the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous system where mental destabilisation causes many effects of the body/brain barrier that lacks harmony of nutrition.


Paranoia is an effect of recreational drugs such as cannabis in its Parasympathetic system of ‘Rest and Digest’ because it removes the ‘Disassociation’ method towards sublime notions and so causing paranoia as its natural effect. Disassociation is the state of a strong force of body ignorance via vocal narration. As the cannabis (alcohols as well) lowers to the natural effect of THETA (a dizzy state before sleep) the mind reaches solitude, but when awake paranoia can naturally form if you lack nutritional substance that rules your body via the brain Psychosocial control. In alcohol paranoia can be replaced with psychosis due to a sudden burst of nutrition via the liver being boosted with its liquid ingestion from the stomach. Proof can be seen in the density of nutritional dispersing in the morning after via the urine. In other words: a sudden psychotic episode due to a rush from the Sympathetic nervous system re-balancing into the complimentary system between these two nervous systems of the brain/body reactions.

a. Glands: salivary, lacrimal, sweat, tracheobronchial – increased secretions. The body removes this during drinking due to increased liver production: is something I suggest.  Think about this one when you awake because a black tea or coffee is just like a drink of water. And, what one cup! No several cups all day is an absolute necessity to a depleted body.

e. Other pupil constriction

3. Routes of administration – oral, subcutaneous, topical to the eye (intravenous or intramuscular administration is less selective with more toxic effects)


Cholinomimetics. If you take drugs or medicaments involved in this article I suggest you take a daily vitamin B complex supplement. Purchase a vitamin supplement that contains vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, all of which are crucial for synthesis of acetylcholine. Place a web search into the medicaments such as: formula of...; or ingredients of...!








Mode of action:

Prevents acetylcholine from binding to the muscarinic receptor by competing with it for receptors; much less effect on nicotinic receptors. Nicotinic as you may have guessed derives from western cigarettes! However the pre-made version contains chlorine (2014 AD) and I say this burns and blisters the lungs. Crack cocaine is also washed with wet chlorine. So if you do decide to smoke use hand rolling tobacco and maybe even chlorine free papers. However in modern cigarettes the chlorine is still wet!


General uses of muscarinic antagonists ( these compliment, but also argue about the substances doctors need to eek from your body and mind of depletion in the negotiation for your life and Soul’s energy (vitamin D of light?)). A textbook operation of death or the Soul’s subsistence of reincarnation? Check the E-book downloads to choose a course of Psychosocial existence.

2. Ophthalmology for mydriasis (pupil dilatation is a widening of the eye (an illness!)) and cycloplegia (inhibition of accommodation?). Psychology you lack my streetwise knowledge...LOL. Accommodation means you cannot look at someone with alarm when they are negatively influencing you. That is a Peripheral influence (sublime notions) as well where Psychosocial is a sublime emotion that you can no longer control due to a lack of water and nutrition in your own Theory of Mind (strength of character) in the Fashion Trends of your life story of tonal Psychosocial Parasympathetic tonal of Prsodic laughter.

4. Cardiovascular – limited uses in conditions where there is increased Vagus tone (Heart attack, blood clots). Yes your Vagus nerve of sublime speech and thought also functions in your heart organ. Its key is the ‘Rest and Digest’ via Disassociation’ and suddenly looking around at a noise or word.

5. CNS – to treat Parkinsonism and the extrapyramidal effects of neuroleptic drugs; as antiemetic in cases of motion sickness

6. Used in general anesthesia to decrease respiratory secretions and Vagus effects of the sublime body organ functions (Disassociation).

7. To treat organophosphate poisoning (chemical warfare or pesticides). Check out the Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists for what happens to insects with some pesticides. Chemical warfare is nothing compared to pesticides. Life skills of television documentaries if you want a reference.


Resrearch the M1-M5 products I say Joe Bloggers if you value your light of our very stars influence. Yes you as well outer forces of NEO-TECH. That’s the American Barmy-Army vice squad.


Examples of:

Belladonna alkaloids (part of the tomato and deadly nightshade! plant family groups):


Atropine effects receptors in a dose-dependent fashion.

First hit are sweating, salivation and respiratory secretions.

b. With increased dose, pupil dilates, heart rate increases and accommodation is inhibited. This makes you susceptible to sublime notions that can cause issues in your Script narration of Psychosocial public locality.


3. Effects

a. CNS - atropine has no real effect on the CNS; scopolamine passes the blood-brain barrier and has CNS effects such as sleepiness, loss of memory, fatigue, decreased REM sleep and euphoria causing sublime issues like Bipolar.

b. Cardiovascular

(2) Atropine counteracts Vagus nerve effects (heart within the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic notions),(also sublime thought notions of nothing when thought maybe necessary): caused by carotid stimulation, pressure on the eyeballs, peritoneal stimulation, mentality stabilisation, etc.

(3) Used to treat second degree AV block

c. Respiratory tract – inhibit respiratory secretions and bronchoconstriction, reduce laryngospasm

d. GIT – decrease secretions (especially saliva)

f. Although atropine crosses the placenta, it does not seem to have any adverse effects on the fetus.

4. Administration can be oral, parenteral or a topical lotion to the eye or administered to other mucus membranes.

5. Uses

a. Antidote to excess muscarinic cholinergic stimulation

c. Scopolamine in a transdermal patch is useful in treating motion sickness. Motion sickness - as a mentality disorder is due Vestibular parasympathetic and Sympathetic problems. It is a state where the ears and eyes are out of sync with the motion of Psychosocial Fashion trends of your Core Identity (You). It is a physical form of mentality disorders.

6. Toxic effects - tachycardia, dry mouth, mydriasis; at higher doses,  headaches, palpitations, blurred vision, ataxia, hallucinations, psychoses, convulsions, delirium and coma.

7. These are an excuse for your lack of nutritional and liquid lacking of life substances. Wise up people and start eating and especially start drinking water regularly. Start slow until you have some saliva to talk about (months not weeks). If you are an alcoholic: good!!! But please I strongly urge: do think about water instead and have a leisurely drink if you are capable of that? Alcohol is a killer because it dries the blood system and you will overload your liver causing death. You only have yourself to blame. You have been warned! If necessary to be an alcoholic crave rather than suffer. At least you will keep a pleasure? As is same with a cannabis sufferer.


D. NICOTINIC RECEPTOR AGONISTS – AUTONOMIC GANGLIA (body and brain barriers). This is a Parasympathetic nerve ‘Rest and Digest that has natural symptoms of ‘Disassociation’ in natural tobacco and many other natural substances of the THETA state of mind. Research before you try any Agonist!


Nicotine (Cancer and breathing problems in some circumstances and Self-Interpellation).

1. Stimulates the receptors at first; the persistent depolarization causes desensitization and inhibition afterward, which is the usually longer lasting effect.

2. Acts on both sympathetic and parasympathetic receptors – thus its effects can be variable. Sympathetic motion causes an alertness natural Mydriasis  (do you remember: the eyes widening to danger or blurring to halucinations). No? because that is what people see and alerts their Theory of Mind (mind games but also natural emotional conversation. Don’t let your emotions look for friends where they do not exist in a Fashion Trend.

3. Causes dependence in users (i.e. in cigarette smokers), and so smoking is very difficult to stop. That’s because of chlorine soaked wetness. Smoke at your own will because I smoke hand rolling tobacco and yes I’m addicted, but hope to give up as well.

4. Effects

a. CNS – stimulation causes tremors and even convulsions; the subsequent depression can be fatal. That’s because the effect holds back the Sympathetic nerves harmony of Disassociation. It also causes vomiting at peripheral notions from vagal (another Vagus word) stimulation. Not sure of your version of Script narration, but some notions of Psychosocial (public) stimulus of notions can make your emotions want to puke via tonal Prosody. A bit like a fun loving criminal that insinuates thoughtful actions (like thrusting the hips) into laudable words that the gullible laugh at and actions that makes thoughtful energy that is repulsive. Laughter to the ignorant is a way of relieving putrid words, sounds and emotions towards Fashion Trends that are not worth the intelligence.

b. Cardiovascular – tachycardia, hypertension and vasoconstriction (sympathetic)

c. GIT (digestion) – increased motility (,(but bodily motion as well) and secretions (parasympathetic)

5. Routes of administration – oral, transdermal, in tobacco and pipes (not pre-made chlorine wet-soak cigarettes).

6. Uses – nicotine transdermal (skin) patch or gums (nicotine chewing gum) are used to help smokers quit smoking. They are less potent than cigarettes and doses can gradually be decreased. Yes without the nutrients the body/brain barrier cannot fulfill the cancelling of the mentality craving.

7. Toxic effects – nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, excess salivation, diarrhea, mental confusion, disturbances of vision and hearing, headache, dizziness and respiratory failure. Treatment is to induce vomiting and give activated charcoal, together with supportive measures.

8. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms – irritability, restlessness, anxiety, depression, impaired concentration, bradycardia, increased appetite.






E. NICOTINE RECEPTOR ANTAGONISTS – AUTONOMIC GANGLIA. These should compliment the energy in the emotional Self of brain/body nutrients. If not give up on smoking rather than suffer the mentality phobia of paranoia and panic. But keep in mind vitamin B 3: a Niacin vitamin and generally a multivitamin B complex supplement to keep within a well balanced energy of body, mind and soul. The soul is stars light of mother Earth's Foot Chakra of body language of Inner Experiences, but in essence is the breathing pattern of a sleeping Bi- cameral state of existence. This, via the link entering the Throat Chakra instead. That is how voices in the head form from a dysfunction of the Psychological traumas of mental Paranoid Schizophrenia.


1. Trimethaphan competes with acetylcholine for the receptor; hexamethonium blocks the open channel. An open channel is a reaction time between the body and or brain/body reaction of nutritional values. A bit like emotions running high and low in Bi-polar disorder where nutrients lack from birth as a born disorder conformity to evolutionary circumstances of societal attitudes in food and water intake. I’m researching but these vitamins are part of G-Proteins in this case.

2. Effects may be on sympathetic or parasympathetic manifestations, that are according to which receptor is predominant. These describe the highs and lows of Bi-polar (elation and depression) or emotional states of mind and body ignorance in the Norm of Society. A natural lack of Theory of Mind characteristics due to nutrients built upon your life story Events of Historical Insignificance of food and water.

a. Sympathetic blockade of blood vessels causes vasodilatation and hypotension. This is the Historical Insignificance that your nutrients and liquids provide for your life story (Script narration). It is a state where you can back down to the story or argue, or even practice body ignorance and wait to see what they say. You can always say, “Go away” or simply walk away in dominant silence as well.

b. Cholinergic blockade at the heart, eyes, digestion (GIT), salivary glands, sweat glands and bladder causes tachycardia, mydriasis and cycloplegia, reduced GIT motility (the ability to act spontaneously or normally), dry mouth, lack of sweating and urinary retention. Most of these are sexually orientated and keeping your tail bone down or Bromide is an option.

3. Uses:

a. Pentolinium is used in general anesthesia to keep blood pressure down. A Parasympathetic notion to the body.

b. Trimethaphan is used to control hypertension in patients with acute dissection of aortic aneurysm before surgery and to control hypertension during other major surgery.

4. Toxic effects – cycloplegia, urinary retention, impotence, constipation, syncope, paralytic ileus and orthostatic hypotension

Mechanism of the action/Effect: Ganglionic blocking agent ; prevents stimulation of postsynaptic receptors by competing with acetylcholine for these receptor sites; additional effects may include direct peripheral vasodilation and release of histamine to combat illness or giving relief to paranoia or panic via decreasing the Sympathetic nervous system. Trimethaphan's hypotensive (lessening) effect is due to reduction in sympathetic tone (alertness) and vasodilation, and is primarily postural. Cardiac output may increase in patients with cardiac failure or decrease in patients (criminal mentalist doctor’s experimentation in some circumstances) who have normal cardiac function.



F. NICOTINE RECEPTOR ANTAGONISTS NEUROMUSCULAR JUNCTION. (body and the brain barrier harmony in Self).

Two types – depolarizing agents (succinylcholine) (a channel of calming nutrient stabilty in nutritionally balanced life) and stabilizing (competitive) agents (curare, atracurium, pancuronium, tubocurarine) (Strength of character in Theory of Mind towards Fashion Trends outwardly).


a. Paralysis of skeletal muscles (muscle relaxant); succinylcholine also causes fasciculations (muscle spasms and twitches).

b. No Central nervous system (CNS) effects – can’t pass blood-brain barrier, where blood passes via the body with no bodily actions other than the Heart (Peripheral system of Self notions and emotions other than the mind paranoia. The Heart has a direct function from the lungs via smoking.