THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Parasympathetic nerve

F. NICOTINE RECEPTOR ANTAGONISTS NEUROMUSCULAR JUNCTION. (body and the brain barrier harmony in Self).
Two types – depolarizing agents (succinylcholine) (a channel of calming nutrient stabilty in nutritionally balanced life) and stabilizing (competitive) agents (curare, atracurium, pancuronium, tubocurarine) (Strength of character in Theory of Mind towards Fashion Trends outwardly).
a. Paralysis of skeletal muscles (muscle relaxant); succinylcholine also causes fasciculations (muscle spasms and twitches).
b. No Central nervous system (CNS) effects – can’t pass blood-brain barrier, where blood passes via the body with no bodily actions other than the Heart (Peripheral system of Self notions and emotions other than the mind paranoia. The Heart has a direct function from the lungs via smoking.

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