THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

I am a U.K based Globalised Social Scientist and subsequently a Bi-lingual Programmer adapted via Evolutionary Psychology to a pre-incomprehensible Socio-Psychology where - Script (Erving Goffman) ‘narration’ -that is openly broken and spoken. An I:ness of being totally streetwise in a natured sense of secrecy however at necessity. At its conjunction - of a newly globalizing world and business formulas - a live process takes place that has an initiation that says: all in terms of how the communication will take place can be spoken where Theory of Minds exists in states of lower brain functions involved in sleep patterns. For a conversation to be broken a Cycle of Enquiry are initiated in a ‘live episode’ that always revolves into others’ of new acquaintance via a strengthening of Fashion Trends. So in a first instance the truth is revealed via communication comfort of emotional Psychosocial pre/re/cognitions. Much like creatures of the garden be-known in a wrestler match - this permits powers of lesser even for the police ranking via Script ‘narration’ at a Psychosocial route rehearsed as a sub-not/ion/al/ed paranoia. This is how the Adaptation from Bi-cameral to conscious extension in hearing became a device of sleep as a day/night/day continuum. In mental health, sleep is an issue of body mentalist languages that can be devised.


Because questioning etiquette allows for the dominance of stature of say a ‘Chief pack leader’ of the mentally ill or a criminal crime-lord as well as unto Official Houses. And here, the creature art is extended into the human nature of talk whereas in the creature kingdom a look can express a sublimed – notion only - inner voice via the meeting of incalculable zones other than as a ‘Meeting of Mind’ as some birds can explain to you via the theorem of Chinese language and or, parrot and budgerigar vocalised accents. Being of a silent nature and becoming a Socio-Psychologist, due luckily to streetwise strengths’. It lead to my secrecy issued via hidden devices that nature controls in methods of ‘Advice only because life’s course is a lucky decision’ in the meeting of minds, where Theory of Mind is the empowered state of introductions in a creature state. This caused an opening as a de-naturing of my Psychosocial Humanism interaction of hidden Core Identity relationships in how sounds interact to create a conscious cognitive verbal interaction via ‘Interpellation’ and ‘The story that is happening all around us....’ (Louis Althusser, DD100, Open University, Milton Keynes, U.K). You can actually at times pick up on the Script narration, like shouting across the street or across a crowded football pitch in chanting a touchdown via commonality of understanding. It can be known as inter-personal Script Identity of impartial, rather than paranoia.  In, ‘the Story that life creates for the sublime Self-Technologies’: it’s Call designed to keep the inner self a unique device unto star and earth – a Creature world that has adapted to present atmospheric Conditionals via new Adaptations ‘Flight/Sound levels’ of how to Psychosocially remain a Core Identity in the sublime issues cause by lack of nutrients and oppressive modernising electro-chemical globalization.