THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Trauma of Leucine and trauma of depression from Branched Chain Amino Acid reactions to insulin, Endorphins, Enkephalins in: Neuropeptide reactions forming Facial Conformity Disorders causing trauma of Theory of Mind.

What are the three Branched Chain Amino Acids? BCAA. And, what do Amino Acids do for you? Also, what foods contain Branched Chain Amino Acids? B.C.A.A for short. Leucine is an Amino Acid in the B.C.A.A group that aids the muscles after excercise and is also a body neurotransmitter. Trauma of Depression is alleviated by excercise because the facial muscles are strengthened and in depression a face becomes glum or trauma of sadness. This pulls the face, lips and outer eye muscles into a downward position causing a traumatic Facial Conformity Disorder where Neuro-chemicals (brain food) stabilise the Theory of Mind into confirming the facial conformity to disorderlyness of traumatic depression. It is said that Heinz 57 baked beans in tomato sauce are the best in the U.k for brain energy. So in this group of Branched Chain Amino Acids there are three Amino Acids: Leucine; Isoleucine and; Valine. High levels of traumatic Leucine is said to cause trauma of depression and I say 'the facial muscles become targeted by the trauma of Leucine causing the facial stance to become an enhanced state via; lack of excercise removing excess trauma of Leucine via; urine in both sexes''. The excercise causes a body/mind interaction that stimulates the necessary needs to find and process which nutritional product to ingest for: the removal of this excess neurotoxin (sugar of insulin Protein anti-Enzymes). This is of the body to the brain barrier (Inner barrier release: Exothermic and also; subconscious relays). These subconscious relays are in the Germ Layers of tissue. And this is the cause of the trauma of Conformity Disorders also - maybe partially acupuncture. In lines of trauma of the Endothermic and Exothermic systems' reactions cause Homeostatic Script (everythings story) of outer energy affectation. This causes an outer Psychosocial (public) establishment of a personal inner Endothermic reaction to an imbalanced nutritional structure. This then causes mental health reactions from the Psychosocial Exothermic releases of scent and energy. An essence of the trauma of facial Conformity Disorder could in fact be trauma of Leucine but also: however needs a healthy production system of insulin as; that is what Leucine combines to regulate the body/brain (divided by) barrier and so; causing an effect - potentially - of degrading; the high levels of this Branched Chain Amino Acid where; a study revealed high levels of traumatic Leucine in a trauma of depressive disorder. Trauma of Leucine acts from the brain/body barrier as a Neurotransmitter, but trauma of depression and trauma of Leucine are a link via blood sugars. Not only in alcoholism because alcohol consumes sugars stored in the body and so affecting insulin production.






Trauma of Leucine in the formulation of a Neuropeptide (Amino Acid that is a sugar chain) is a body reaction that causes a calming effect when brain Neurotransmitters like Endorphins and Enkephalins are included. Endorphins and Enkephalins have a natural pleasure or calming stimulus, but one study has shown that people with trauma of depression have a high quantity of traumatic Leucine in the body. So saying these transmitters may react together - Endothermically with Amino Acids such as bile in the liver. This Cycle of Enquiry causes stimulus in the facial muscles that keep the face muscles in a traumatic Facial Conformity Disorder of trauma of depression. This is via depletion of Endorphins and or Enkephalins- even a lack of hot and cold flushes reddening the face to Incongruent forms of embarrassing Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve reactions. It is via Interpellation and strengthening outer energy frequencies of modern technology; or trauma of Being Gullible in terms of Natured Congruence. Also, unseen verses defined as language barriers towards Bi-cameral intrusions from Homeostatic Script narration.


According to “The Healing Nutrients Within,” Enkephalins may lower levels of serotonin and Dopamine....... However, at least one study found very high levels of traumatic leucine in people with trauma of depression. Trauma of Depression can be seen as a sleepy looking disorder in Script and Interpellation. BCAA supplements can help treat and even reverse the physical Endothermic Conditioning illness of hepatic encephalopathy, a brain condition related to trauma of mentality as traumatic alcoholism and or severe liver or spleen disease. Dopamine also has a feel good factor and can interact with Histamine also a feel good factor of - in theory - a THETA Parasympathetic frequency infused within Insulin.







When looking at alcohols each contains various methods of converting fruits and seeds to an alcohol via sugar fermentation (if not a minimum of brown sugar: why!) and, also used to create Bio-synthesis in yoghurt and similar food bio-active cultures. Yoh-gur-t - an old English name and maybe even a greeting....HeHeHe. Ha? This is produced by fermentation of milk by lactic acid bacteria, usually lactobacillus bulgarius and Streptococcus thermophilus. These also aid digestion and so relate to liver trauma and trauma of digestive dysfunctions....


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