THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Lethargy is an Instrumental Conditioning Phobia that can be linked to Mood Swing Disorders relating to Anxiety and Depression via Psychosocial Operant Conditioning. That is my definition of a Mental illness Phobia Disorder and not a mental disease of the mind.

Instrumental Conditioning as you may know regards Self programming of life’s present tense of interaction of evolved states in Evolutionary Psychology terminology. But did you know that as a traumatizing Psychosocial Phobia of the day/night/day continuum the Circadian Cycle (your lifes cycle of existence) forms the electro-chemical Soup of life that could possibly start the process of Operant Conditioning.

Definition of Lethargy update.

If you feel run down or have signs of body/brain barrier issues in language of body then usually only frustration is the result. However in Psychosocial methods of vindication and fun loving criminals then mischeiviousness of just 'in the wrong place at the wrong time' can cause a disfigurization of your Script narration giving resultant effects of traumatized Psychosocial Phobia to a scent or tonal effect that can make you flinch or at least would cause you an embarrassment for Being Gullible?  


Operant Conditioning is a natural act of: banter; self-sacrifice; Theory of Mind; merriment; sadness and Embodiment... Embodiment is a skill of outer Performance based on the skills of your bodily strength's to reactions to noise and motion going on in a public Setting via: what nutritional tools are available to you and your Script narration adaptability too the day/night/day continuum? People talking behind your back eg: Chinese whispers; whispering about you or just plain vindicative can cause a negative Operant unless you have the Theory of Mind and Embodiment too Psychosocially overdue' the moment via Body Ignorance or Disassociation.







Operant Conditioning and Lethargy can cause equilibrium towards Mood Swings because Disassociation is harder to achieve in a lower sublimed state that Lethargy can initiate via a tired or exhausted Embodiment language leading to a breakdown because of the extra pressures placed on your Theory of Mind via the Performance of your Psychosocial Behavioural Emobiment and presnt Fashion Trend of friends and your group attributes. Take a look at the Being Gullible page or Stress and Pressure, but also the Body/brain webpages on nutrients on the main menu... Ahem or Psychosocial Phobias. Anyone can fall to Operant Conditioning simply because its a natural course of sublime interaction and stamina against Lethargy, it is minds games and Chinese Whispers... etc that can be known too you as Script Narration Dissension (S.N.D). In turn you could input the factor that sometimes a point is reached where voice has no meaning in destiny (Quarantinicism) . Body Mentalists is an Ebook that is free with the ebook Trauma of Voices available online for $7.99 and contains in totals 373 pages of vital body languages skills and tonal and verbal accent realizations of impact and defence via natural rehabillitation of Self-Behavioural Analysis (SBA) and Bi-Lingual Programming (BLP) of the Self notions in the day/night/day/ Continuum. $7.99 is not alot of money for a set of 2 ebooks that will keep yourself mentally fit and stay 'Verbally and Vocally' Streetwise.


Stress and pressure, anxiety and Lethargy is a killer of your morals from immoral people. $7.99 to stay streetwise to life's little minded Psychosocial Phobias. They are 'ever decreasing' atomic Cycles of Enquiry.


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