THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.


A Term used and invented by the 1950's American Psychologist Carl Rogers. The Term washed around my head recently and so it reached a point and I decided to look it up on the internet. It took several tries via using a hyphen after the 'in' but eventually I found the word that way in a dictionary online. However in Carl Rogers meaning it delves quite differently into Deviance that can be described as: subvertive and also in Terminolgy of U.K Psychiatry and Evolutionary Psychology as Subjective Conditioning. I would say with the inclusion of a sublime Homeostatic Script narration via a Hermaneutic event that later becomes viewed via a day/night/day continuum. It can however be used as a method that defines whether that subject has views based on a Self of a Deviant of unreasonableness or whether the person has been subjected via mind games, witchcraft or is just a person that is vulnerable in public society or a distortion of Public Psychosocial interaction that causes unreasonable Paranoia. That also incorporates the enactment of Carl Rogers' Terminology of Incongruence where some - considering themselves a Religiousness of righteousness. That is an aspect called Evolutionary Deviance or Deviant to the good of Congruence as a continuum of Religiousness of Harmonious negotiation and not the destruction and domination of Mother Earth by Guru's of Godhead who have to shut their eyes in the face of our Stars Magnetude. Hare or Bunny butt equation? No, a universal time factor said the toad lickers!


So here is my nature's mentality: The Big Bang Theory? God farted (flatulation). Earthly Women 'BEWARE' Godheads maybe aliens from the O.C.Rssss' Derm Laudibles System. 'He' as the main Laudible may have been Human of a man in terminology of a helium gaseous bomb when the devil mistakenly sparked up a Reefer....may sound fishy. However other foreigner's such as creatures in the television produce helium like those in the alternate reality of Farscape (Frencheesy Yankish Canadians). This is also a contention for the Godhead Theorem. As yet 'I am still alive and happily farting Ridgewood, near Frimley Park Hospital, U.K Earth and all Psychiatry'. I may however eat a Cabbage and Sprout a patch and see if O0000ps i!....







In my view a spiritualism (light bulbs are still on Skywalker) has been broken via a 6 month aspect of spiritual rights of a body/brain barrier of consciousness to visual and dream states of a baby at that age definition. Hence many women waking from a night out and having no way of discussing what actually happened and that also causing states of Mentality of self infliction with no probable cause. This is because as an adult that freely takes part in an act: there is no explanation for a reason other than; they cannot actually talk about it 'In' the Norm of Society Psychosocial Interaction. That then becomes the statement of criminality in Incongruent sexual interaction that breaks the visual code of the 6 month body/brain barrier. A Self Assessment is placed here via Psychiatric evaluation via medicaments and visual hallucinations where I started to discover sexual words of conscious statements in Self Behavioural Analysis... At that Religiousness of Congruence a conscious verbal statement cannot be made via a woman I once knew because reality became a distortion to that barrier where the instincutal word has not been formulated as an evolutionary established methodology of modern man. Many Pornographic scenes can be a statement via that of the tonal release of the Incongruenced person who is inflicted. In the use of nature those moans can also be assessed as baby talk. America use freedom of speach and should not be training people in acts of Alleviating Incongruence to the higher ordered status of Nature and the Garden who are the 'Old Preachers' of our new Incongruent media oriented modern Selves of Body and vocalising languages that is in upheaval not only because of media, but Globalisation as well. As a Socio-Psychologist brought up in nature, music and media I see truth of Incongruent tones issued in Psychosocial atomsphere that can involved sublime words and merriment that involves Deviance into a Deviant of a devilized Global trending towards Psychosocial Paranoia rather than panic.


The Hermaneutic approach is involing therapy techniques that use: written; recordings via conversation and visual; conversive methodology to assess body and tonal voice. The latter is the progressive point that is part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a trained Bi-lingual Programme (BLP) and the commonsense to understand cultural needs to a conforming globalising world of media and immigration. In these methods the Terms of Deviant and Deviance are necessary to understand from the                                 Consciousness. These can define: criminality; Mentality and subvertive criminality. In the use of Carl Rogers' Incongruence the mind and words can apply these aspects and how words shape and negotiate BLP. The word also has religious aspects and 1950's America delved deeply into ideology involving sexual education and usage of Deviant and Deviance via: male mentality dominance; male religious phobias; female inhibitions and willingness. The religiousness is known as Congruence. In sexual legality the term is used explicitly as reference to mental health behaviour and..... which is fueled by the media's misrepresentation of the connection between mental illness and violence. (3)


Methods of Alleviation into what is a Deviant to a sleepy Deviance of the Term Incongruence is via the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. This is so because the Sympathetic Harmonious Congruence causes what should be an alertness in negotiations between Religiousness of courtship because the release of Noraepinephrine should form a Conformity in the facial stance that defines alertness is needed or an inclusion that warns that conversational input will be needed from in the negotiation towards a Congruent relationship or friendship. It can also signify a Congruent state via the facial Conformity that allows for continuance of furtherance from the person via acceptance that the negotiation has formed a Facial Conformity and or Body Ignorance that complies with sexual chemistry release that is Congruent to both sides. In this state the other person is not blocked from releasing words or pressured into an Incongruent state of using Vocal Conformity. Incongruence involves sublime reactions that cause a Facial Conformity Disorder where vocalisation can form a sleepy state if pressure is placed on the opposite via keeping them silent, but also through Vocal Conformity via those sublime reactions that some notice. These sublime issues can be a circumstance od Inner Psychosis viewing or outer Schizophrenia of viewing sublime Psychosocial reactants in cultural aspects of a Globalizing World. That is where an Impartial Hermanuetic aspect is needed to assess whether a Deviant or Deviance is using in terms of criminal mentality OR A newly evolving body and language of nature and natural spiritual Congruence via Global Social ScientistS of Socio-Psychology and Psychiatrists.