THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia

The Glossopharyngeal nerve Neuralgia where painlessness gives Tardive Dyskinesia is also Chronic brain Inflammation of Energies between the IX (Glossopharyngeal) and the X (Vagus) nerves. It is a defining point in subliminal psychological trauma of voiced Buzz narration in Delta wave Amplituders. It also defines Anxiety and Bipolar traumatic psychological disorders. It defines how Psychosocial see the Peripheral sensual Conformity as Parasympathetic nerve Ignorance towards the Psychological trauma of mental illness clients.

In the psychological trauma of Paranoia and so called voices in the head either the Larynx or Pharynx is where the energies extend into the nerves and energy impulses received in the throat Chakra. If this becomes opened to Kundalini then enlightenment of vocal Self-Behavioural Analysis can begin. That I try doing via my eBooks: The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists. These Chakras are in 7 areas of the body and are quantum colour coded.

The Glossopharyngeal nerve is the defective aspect of a trauma of subliminally Inner voiced Experience of a Paranoid Schizophrenic of Delta wave Amplitudes of Inner ear Tinnitus. Energies of the inner voice box at the Throat Chakra echo into the upper palate in the roof of the mouth. Here is where the Glossopharyngeal neuralgia begins to extend the notions of subliminal voices into the thought processes as the psychological trauma definition of voices in the head of Core Identity (Self). Inner voice Experiences extend from the nasal and the throat Chakra into the inner ears.

The Tonsils are an outer Chronic Inflammation of inner energies on the Palate (roof of mouth) and into the Energies of the Accessory nerve. At this level Bi-cameral Inner Experiences of energy and subliminal sound energies would block trauma of Paranoid voices and give Elation, frustration, traumatic mania.

I say Bipolar is a Psychological trauma of sublime Anxiety type disorders in its Depressive traumatisation via the Accessory nerve dysfunctioning. Without inner body mentalists functions of body language interpretation in the Inner thought Experience a Facial Conformity Disorder ensues.
The Bicameral Vagus nerve of speech and thought in a logical silence exists as a body action where the trauma of thoughtful Anxiety is overcome. That is, the trauma of Psychological voices of traumatic Mania Episodes of Bipolar. This nerve is the Vagus nerve motor function of the Inner peace Experience and thoughts of Metropolis. Actions are a displacement away from body thought actions


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