THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Germ layers and Chakras

Auditory system

The epithelium of the auditory tube and tympanic cavity.

In the day/night/day continuum of wake/sleep Endothermic scent belongs to the night and sweat follicles contacting Endoderm inner cells of the body’s Chakra structures. This radiates outward via the Chakra centres as quantum colours and body as Tinnitus frequencies that extend right into media devices. In the trauma of mental health the Pharynx and larynx is the key concept of how voices in the head reverberate Energies of the Chakras as ridiculed Delta wave Amplitude’s of Tinnitus frequency that relay from the Vagus nerve thoughts. Also from the Medulla Oblongata is the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves that relays the condition of the psychological trauma of mental illnesses via the Vagus nerve injection of nutrients from the Solar Plexus Chakra that function in the trauma of a mental body/brain barrier. Sleepy Delta Wave Amplitudes of Tinnitus are a Core Identity too Self in Psycho Social scent of Homeostatic Psychosocial public Performances and Settings of Erving Goffman.

The Larynx and Pharynx of the traumatized Throat Chakra can be seen as meat organs of Ectoderm of the inner Throat Chakras area of the inner voice box that gives the Inner thought Experience via the Vagus nerve, Pharynx and Larynx of autonomy in the vocal Script narration as a constant Interpellation and Buzz Script leading to Tinnitus and media frequencies of a new Globalising Social Science of conception and birthright.

It is the Exothermic skin reactions which cause involution in the Ectoderm germ layer of tissue over the Pharynx. Here I say the Psychological trauma of Bipolar has overcome the trauma of voices in the head via the Elation method in the psychological trauma of mania stages.

The Glossopharyngeal arches also relate to Homeostatic Chakra energy of involution in the three germ layers. This is via involution that is as an expansion and contraction of the birth rights to Homeostatic (heat and cold) Chakra Energies via meat tissue and outer Buzz narration of body mentalist languages. Of the three germ layers the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic actions of Bipolar Ignorance and Disassociation to thoughts and subliminal voices of noised Buzz reactants is why they have overcome falling into sleepy Delta wave Amplitudes of Tinnitus frequency. Tinnitus gives a blood plasma/brain inner frequency of the Psychologically traumatized voices and the trauma of mental illnesses in the Theory of Mind.


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