THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Euthanasia, Facial Conformity Disorder and Residual Risk Suicide.



Based on inner/outer reasoning of Residual Risk Suicide Attributes and Script narration of Psychosocial reasoning, ethics can be brought further forward concerning Euthanasia. The View is whether the issue is an Endothermic or Exothermic issue requiring an ‘inner/outer quality’ for wanting to die Scripturally?

  ....Reversible reactions are where the Core Identity of products can react to remake the original Psychosocial reactant’s satisfactorily. If the forward reaction is exothermic, the reverse reaction is endothermic.



A bit like a crowd of grass grazers on African grass plains that can be placed in mass panic far across a herd enclosed in Psychosocial whispers and smells. Some still perceive nitrogenous smell and taste (logically) and lower/higher tonal/voices (logically).

What: Commonsense! And no brains?

Natured Congruence to death’s existence and a solar light that follows the barrier. The bully/Lesser reduce...




Brawn and the brains of survival smell of creature instincts rather than, just talking and preying to the solar star! Godhead, Jesus, antichrist, Rah, Barrack Obama?... Sacrificial like any men, but don’t nuke me for that Bam Bam. The weaker can survive... Please ahem.


Commonsense: that’s our like Miriam and Genalyn. Bam Bam just too much Brawn.