THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Enkephalins are Leucine fear (anxiety) and paranoid (Schizophrenia) from Methionine in mental health disorders. The intuitional feelings and notions of Peripheral sight and auditory devices of these Pentapeptides of Leu-enkephalin and Met-enkephalin.

Enkephalin is a component made of four identical Amino Acids and are Pentapeptides. Five (penta) pronged Amino Acids that react to Acetylcholine. They are also composed of Leucine or Methionine. They are neurotransmitters of the body/brain barrier and are partly responsible for:






Effects from the Enkephalin system can have an opiate like affectation on the body/brain barrier. But also may cause mood and behaviour disorders. [Leu]enkephalin is thought to aid in controlling the behaviour fear. Fear is a physical feeling relating to anxiousness rather than emotional paranoia issued in sublimination trauma of voices and noises. When the analog [DAlaDLeulenkephalin (0.4, 4.0, and 40.0 ;tg/kg) is used 'in vivo' (an organisms reactions) the behaviour fear was inhibited where fear response is usual to an adverse situation. At the same time it is thought [Leu]Enkephalin works within a Peripheral reactional location. Check out the: apoorapothecary  · 8 years ago answer and check back on my webpages.


Peripheral is a feeling or sensation processed in paranoia because of the intuitional feeling of, "Someone is looking at me" when seen or eventually heard across a distance. A peripheral divide that is then sometimes extended to visual sights because a paranoid sensation building in the inner ear is visually confirmed causing anxiety. Being an opiate it is a pleasure zone and so suppresses the mood and behaviour of fear and anxiety. Fear is a physical feeling but paranoia formed from hearing is from an unspecified trajectory. So in the Psychosocial atmosphere or even in a room alone Peripheral feelings of paranoia are more heard than seen if it is a beginning point of the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) of sight and sound. Hearing can cause paranoia and sight anxiousness simply because sound is a notion to the Core Identity (Self) that is given an aspect before it becomes a conscious action. That conscious action is the sight of the attackers or intrusion to life expectancy. Paranoia is a feeling that cannot always be identified towards a conscious action, but also sublime hearing causing Psychotic disorders of 'hearing voices in the head'. So paranoia is a Vestibular Motion Disorder in the Sympathetic nerve reaction of 'Fight or Flight' in the inner ear or the release of the adrenaline opposition called Norepinephrine.


Breathing is an anxiety/paranoia response of 'Rest and Digest' and a need for 'Disassociation' to 'Fight or Flight' in the hearing that is causing the paranoia and causing the breath alertness to a building panic or anxiety attack where fear is building towards consciousness in the auditory level. Breathing is also a defence against sublime paranoid hearing when audible to the hearing whether internally or externally heard. Smell and taste have become a sublime latent ideology in the modern human due to lackning liquidity in saliva and nasal moisture. At present it is believed a healthy human can produce 1.8 pints of saliva per day and two to four pints of water should be drunk per day. I say for the new Homeostatic power and frequency supply being fed to our atmosphere it needs re-examination of nutritional and liquid sustenance in species.


In the use of Leucine or Methionine with the four Amino Acids, deficiencies can be found in mental health disorders. It is also said that Methionine can worsen the mental health disorder Schizophrenia and Acidosis. The latter due to Lysine and Ketones. So saying Enkephalins seem to have a coincidence for the processes involved with anxiety (fear) and paranoid schizophrenia. Fear can also involve panic Stimulus-Response (S-R) due to the internal and external breathing becoming out of harmony with the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system and the Vagus nerves response to sublime instinctual breath and these nerves reactions in the heart. In turn the Reflex caused by S-R is inhibited via test results in lab tests on rats. Adverse mood swings would be indicative of a lack in the Pentapeptides because Leucine and Methionine are of the tissue and the skin, hair, and nail structure.