THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

The trauma of Histamine

soup that is caused in your Psychosocial of ‘localised’ Script (Spiritual homeostasis) interaction.

The Histamine reaction releases chemicals rapidly during waking and fire more slowly during periods of relaxation/tiredness (Parasympathetic nerve) of ‘Rest and Digest’ or ‘Ignore’ in the day. They completely stop firing during REM (dreaming) and NREM (non-REM) sleep.

Nearly all countries of the Earth have systems in societies of both Norm and Abnormal that create a Theta state of mind. These are a natural culture that may involve many common food products such as alcohols and incense as well as cannabis use in all western societies. The problem with cannabis however is a lack of Serotonin or Glutamate the issue with loss of intuition and perception and how cannabis forms hunger in the appetite system? chemicals.....well take a look at the picture and decide.

Interpellation that is: (chemical stimulus of interaction causing Fashion Trend
conjoining in a Setting). This can be seen as a dysfunction that can cause a lack
of Cortical rebooting via the daytime of the Parasympathetic nervous system
causing the lack of blinking into a momentary shutting down of the consciousness.
In that state of momentary blinking many sufferers of mental illness lack the ability
to blink into Cortical rebooting that does cause the re-stabilisation of the conscious
state of mind.

The immune system is affected by sleep and rest. sleep deprivation is detrimental
to the immune function. Conscious sleepwalking is a bi-product of mental illness in
the ‘Rest and Digest’ of the Parasympathetic nervous system where Cortical
rebooting (blinking into momentary unconsciousness) is not achieved. So the
sleep becomes affected in the conscious enhancement that is Cortical rebooting of
the sleep/wakefulness barrier.

Complex feedback loops involving cytokines, such as interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-α produced in response to infection, may also play a role in the regulation of non-rapid eye movement in the days circadian cycle of Cortical rebooting. This I say is the day/night/day continuum. So the immune response to sublime infection may result in changes to the circadian cycle, including an increase in slow-wave sleep relative to REM sleep (daydreaming). In the Circadian Cycle of the day/night/day continuum the immune system may have an effect of mental health inabilities via the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system harmony of that spiritual evolved continuum. This then causes sleep to enter the day system as a sleepwalking effect of sublime hearing of paranoid schizophrenia and other disorders involving Script narration of the Lower voice of significance. These are sublime voices as the Self of interpretations to noise and sounds. At its lesser extent it is the starting formula of Psychosocial reactants of anxiety and the first form of confusion.

In its relativity to Anxiety that builds from confusion. Confusion builds when confidence is compromised via the Psychosocial Buzz of the crowd’s humdrum of noises in its sublime reactions to the conscious stimulants of noises and sublime vocal worded babbled nonsense sounds’ that the spiritual Self relates its life force to. This is the point where electro-chemicals can become confused in the body/brain divide of Interpellation. In truth of the Norm of Society that is the sounds on the next table telling the football results. Whether that is heard in babble or otherwise you may find yourself repeating them as a continuance of the Psychosocial interaction of conversing or even a mental health aspect of denying those sublime voices. Either way, learning to redirect the
hearing into normality is a key stage of denying and accepting those extended voices you have been told are delusional by ‘babble doctor Mediums’.

This page relates to how you are seeing Peripheral reactions (sublime reactions)as a traumatized noise of Buzz echo of your Delta Wave Amplitude via semi-consciousness. That is if you hear the trauma of hearing voices of traumatized voices in the head. Also your lack of sightfulness (alertness to Psychosocial approaches) in the Parasympathetic nervous system via the traumatized body mentalist of Ignorance. In the Parasympathetic nerve that is directly conjoining from the Tramatized Vagus nerve reacting to the brains chemical system of food regulation in the immune system. It is via the traumatization of the body/brain barrier as acute-phase proteins traumatized Bicameral Human of Delta Wave Amplituder, the new Psychiatric phenomenom of non-physical illness phenomena of no proof ?:? This traumatized Delta Wave semiconscious Bicameral is in a Traumatized G Protein-coupled receptor bio-system of the trauma of Delta Wave Amplitude. In the trauma of Tinnitus frequency inclusion because Psychiatry got it wrong with: the stabilising of creating a new Psycho Social system of Delta Wave Amplituders instead because the Police don't want cannabis THETA wave Amplituders of Psycho Social interference, but then what of hemp oil and hop pollen of pure THC in lagers and ales and bruins and space cakes Owl Ward, Radlett.

In addition to the negative consequences of sleep and the intertwined circadian system (body clock) of daytime acute-phase proteins interaction as a traumatized Delta Wave Amplituder it could show to have strong regulatory effects on the immunes functionality. But that affects both the innate and the adaptive immunity of social noises and sublime voices that creates Interpellation in the electro-chemical soup of healthiness. This causes effects in my route of - escaping mental illness – of a non-physical illness phenomena of mental illnesses (Tardif Dyskinesia) instead of a physical condition such as Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia.

Finally, in the early stages of slow-wave-sleep, a sudden drop in blood levels of cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine induce increased blood levels of the hormones leptin, pituitary growth hormone (as do the rats), and prolactin. Think about it - food - but especially water with mineral supplements as well.....Read the E-books as they are all the Joe Bloggs of myself before my University education (yes I was nothing at school other than streetwise). This website is explained as someone that became streetwise in Psychology through Psychiatric treatment. Medicaments need more Psychosocial (public destiny) input such as a new movement where both sides of mental illness doctors’ need the spiritual addition of breaking their secrecies over decades of psychobabble...voices what are some doctors they don’t exist.
Please be careful how you place this in your sublimed Buzz of the trauma of voice echoes of your head.......

Here is some information regarding foods and the antihistamines that occur naturally in these products. Bioflavonoids (antihistamines) supplements can be bought from websites such as
Flavonoids (specifically flavanoids such as the catechins) are "the most common group of polyphenolic compounds in the human diet and are found in plant material”. Flavonols, the original bioflavonoids such as quercetin, are also found, but in lesser degrees. The widespread distribution of flavonoids both in variety and also the relatively low toxicity compared to other active plant compounds mean that humans digest significant quantities into their dietary system. Foods with a high flavonoid content include onions and berries, green tea and oolong tea, bananas, all citrus fruits, Ginkgo biloba, sea-buckthorns. They can also be found in dark chocolate (where the cocoa content is 70% or higher). Further information on dietary sources of flavonoids can be obtained from the US Department of Agriculture in the flavonoid database.

Parsley, contains flavones.

Blueberries are a dietary source for anthocyanidins.

Black tea is also a rich source of the human dietary flavan-3-ols.

The skin of Peanuts (red) also contain a significant amount of polyphenol. That also includes flavonoids.

Citrus fruits
The citrus flavonoids include hesperidin (a glycoside of the flavanone hesperetin), quercitrin, rutin (two glycosides of the flavonol quercetin), and the flavone tangeritin.

Red Wine
Polyphenols are present in

Flavonoids occur naturally in cocoa. However, because they can be bitter in taste, they are often removed from chocolate, sometimes even dark chocolate. Flavonoids also occur in milk chocolate, but the milk may interfere with digestion. However this ideal has been questioned though.

Bioflavonoids supplements can be bought from websites such as amazon. Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oils) are also a good dietary antihistamine as is culinary (Fishery legal Terms and Conditions) hemp oil (legal in the U.K).

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