THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

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These are some extracts from Body Mentalists:


This book 'containing 136 parts' is mainly about conscious interaction through facial and body movement, but also how tones involved within a word structure can affect your mood.  It is an on-going course from, 'The trauma of voices', for people that feel need to read it.  It is also an essential piece of reading to anyone that wishes improvement on how they convey themselves to people.

It defines how to enjoy company, but also how you can allow people to enjoy your entertainment as well.  It also helps you to spot when someone is annoying and when your subconscious cannot work out why you are getting frustrated as well.

Part 1 is an insight into what happens when drug abuse - especially chemical based - has overtaken your present day of: your attitude of what ‘norm’ is and what you used to be.  It also describes how to stop yourself losing your personal identity.  Stress is a key factor in losing your identity, leading to a nervous breakdown.













By combining these two theories I was able to build up a consciously worded theory of how the body works, in conjunction with Mankind’s chosen course of unknown body language, intermixed with verbal conversation of awareness.














Using wordless breath can enable you to live without the need to talk to yourself also. This is a good method for those times when quietude or loneliness are starting to affect you consciously.


Self-programming can also incorporate body language, just like a smile can relieve boredom, but without an after-sigh (depression).  Move body parts in a relaxed way, such as hand and finger movements and shrugging your shoulder/s can all help to keep you in tranquility of inner conscious peace.  If you feel yourself becoming overloaded with body movement you can use a clearing of the throat set at your own personal self-hypnosis level.


Think about a life without voices and inner peace and these books will be the start of you rebuilding yourself as an Adult/child into the new and better you that the self-therapeutic techniques will create as a new Theory of Mind.





Part 24


To beat sublime voices is a matter of overcoming paranoia.  Paranoia is a mental illness or just plain boredom.  Put some music on or the television if you live on your own and enjoy it.  A placebo effect is what you need.   Pick up the remote control and say, 'Let’s enjoy some television' and turn up the corners of your mouth.  Then settle down and keep your eyes alert.  Alert eyes will also be needed for music and any conversation with others as well.  Watchful eyes prepare you for anything that is disturbing, such as:


w. Deviousness.

x. Paranoia.

y. Anger.

z. Sadness.


These are all a cause of mental illness, simply because they are the origin of confusion. y and z are easily counteracted with laughter or huffing, but to beat w and x use a frown.  Wait for the person or group to extend their conversation.  If you still sense either or both of these, ask questions until the feeling fades.


Widening the eyes without lifting the eyebrows can show the talker that they are pushing you too far.  If they do not back down then you will know they are not worth having as a friend.


Part 25


People that can carry on playing what can be termed as devious mind games whilst you carry on listening consciously are people that should be placed under a psychiatrist.


Part 26


Are you ready to accept subliminal voices?  If so then you will be able to use consciousness of wordless sounds, conversation and body language for an answer.  Do not let an individual or people keep you at this undesired level of hearing.  Move on to societies - as a whole – normality instead.  Keep one part of your body for answering the sublime at times of stress, or even have a dance.  If you hear the sublime it is because of the part 26, so answer with a piece of body language - such as a wave or flick of the hand and do not hear that movement.  If you feel anger building, use a quirky smile.  Look that up in the dictionary if you do not understand its meaning.


Part 27


Now if you can be termed as a mystic or control freak you will need time to reflect.  These terms refer to inaudible worded sounds of a war-like tendency.  It is not about answering, more about trying to make audible conversations.  It is caused by watching words issued from mouth formation when those words are not what is being issued consciously.  A good example is:


Oh = sullen acceptance


Ho = funny.


Both have the same type of mouth formation, the difference being in the way of breath and tongue arrangement.  So do not confuse what you think people are saying with what they are actually saying.  You are one step away from being a schizophrenic, so learn to ignore these fictional conversations.  Here is the route to accepting and cancelling yourself from this downward slope:


1. Open your mouth.

2. Breathe in and out.

3. It the point of inhalation, give a, ‘Shh’ of the breath.

4. At the exhale, give a, ‘Mmmm’

5. If you deviate from these two courses, form an, 'O' with your lips



The Shh indicates quietude, whilst the Mmmm acknowledges the fact.  It will also block out what should be unconscious personal interaction.  This personal interaction has consequences in the sublime world and so do not fall further.  Use these methods to forget and climb up the social ladder.


Working on different ways of Oh and Mmmm can also help.  The Shh is personal, but the other two can designate as follows:


A. Oh quietly = disappointment

B. Oh loudly = surprise or excitement

C  Mmmm in deep tones = aggression or authority.

D. Mmmm in higher tones = affirmative, but away from aggression or shock.


A hum can work wonders.  Using a version of short and elongated pitches through your own personal experimentation can block your illness.


If you feel re-emergence of your illness, using a low hum just above your anger level can give you a warning.  Whereas a high sound can shock you back to recognition of consciousness.  If you are in a conversation, 'Play the game' and keep it in context with the chatter.  People that make you wary without making you laugh or show inner peace should be spoken to with caution.


I mentioned versions of, ‘Yes’ and, ‘No’ in my first book.  Use the hum in the same way, but without the words of consciousness.  So saying you will not be accused of trying to send someone insane with the use of words.  Do not bow down to the use of natures sounds as it is a part of human society.  Anyone that is using mind games cannot sway you from the natural ways of true mankind.





Part 28


Raising your eyelids and eyebrows with one eye shows surprise or shock - a good remedy for those subliminal voices that try creeping up on you.


Part 29


A quirky smile made by pulling one side of the mouth into a smiling works in the fashion of progression, meaning you have taken a turn for the better.  You can combine this with part 29 for an extenuation.  This is a feature of a fact of non-persuasion.  It is a perfect facial stance should you happen to lower your head.


Using this smile whilst using part 29 indicates that you will not be swayed from your present state of mind.


As an adult you may be using this motion as a confirmation of thought or for acknowledgement of your mental illness.  What you do need to do is to extenuate the movement like you would have as an infant.  In that way you will realize it within your adult mind, so causing a realization of cause.


If you still have remembrance of your mental illness, follow it with the smile and a frown.  In this way your now latent mind will accept that you have made an error and that will change your state of mind.



Part 30


Pulling faces when on your own can help to cause recognition of these movements subconsciously when in face to face conversation.  It can also be used for inner peace when on your own.  As you become adept these movements will progress to a level that is only a part of the unheard senses.



From there you will find references on how to re/improve your life from where you are at present by using your own body as an analysis point for the wellbeing of the conscious mind.  This is achieved through inner peace of the subconscious.  Even a                    

                                                                               hectic life style can deteriorate you down to a level where you say to  

                                                                               yourself, 'Oh, what's the point". The book enters into how body language

                                                                               works and what to use as a socially acceptable reply.  It deals with how to

                                                                               get yourself out of negative situations, not by turning the negative attitude

                                                                               around but by alleviating that negativity. This is a new to the system - get

                                                                               this book for reasoning on how to stop yourself falling further.  


                                                                               Another video at the end of this section.

                                                                              Look at the first 41 seconds to see the perfection of 'rule of thumbs'.                                                                                                            

                                                                               Ahem Germany

Part 20


Self-programming is all to do with inhalation and exhaling at the right tone and pitch.  It can also be helpful in distracting you from peoples influence as well.  Deep tones are part of self/hypnosis, but from another can be counteracted with high-pitched accents to words and personal noises.  Even your breath can be interpreted in low and higher sound pitches.


Experimentation is the key to finding your own personal levels of tones. If you teach yourself through your breath what is making you slip back to your old illness, then you will be able to use these levels when out in public in addition to your own personal living quarters.

Part 31


Tumbling actions can be used as a key to falling back to your mental health state.  React to it by acknowledging it with shock or surprise.  Here an example is your shoulders slumping.  If so, give a shrug of your shoulders.  


Another method - now that you have reached this stage is: if you trip or stumble, use;


E. A stamp of the front of your foot.

F. Scrape it away with your foot.

G. Scuffing the foot backwards is also an option.




These three movements will lead you into a more confidence of

a walking stance from what you once suffered. F can also be

used when you are sitting or standing still in public, or when you

are in your own premises.



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