THE Trauma of voices. Body Mentalists.

Author request

Two key groups - deaf and hearing - hold the limits that I feel holds the key to how the Inner Experience can be purveyed by body notion Author's such as Yourself. What I say of the deaf and partial hearing is: your body language to me holds the utmost strength of human solitude of a peaceful inner self, but also how the partially deaf motion and notion around others' and their dislocarted narration that needs all of You trading with Streetwise Publishers. Contact us with written Bibliographical Self representation to Streetwise Publication services to get You set up as an E-book writer with published works. Don't forget should you require further successfulness our Self-Publishing services for a Business or extending a hobby to an internet Blogs venture online with the World Wide Web of media coverage and research and Hyper Text Markup Language of Script and Code of one of the most competative e-reader hardware conversion software Applications. Go on become an Author, write a book and get Published....who knows you may earn bit of extra income and yes that's enough to make anyone smile.


You as people can show outer body strength to the Self-Publishing Industry by being able to converse and sit with silence in your natural Natured Congruence. Although to the unseeing eye that usually shows someone in pure silent pleasure of the Inner Experience as a Core Identity - or 'Us' sometimes seen as a state of loneliness these are all extensions of writing and Self-Publishing methods that mental health in Global Social Scientist areas need  from potential Authors who want to Publish their own written works as a Author of Their own E-books for Computer to E-readers and Apple devices. At this point people wishing to become a Published Author should us Contact us.






For the writing you will need the sense of people watching and instead of sign language deaf or hearing aids people, but also anyone wishing to express their views and get it Published into a certified E-book that could earn you money. Please check with the benfits office if you are in receipt of benefits and government or related Welfare payments.  Use pen and paper to record your inner feelings according to how you express your emotional notions from and to others in your presence. I feel this to be a worthy written publication for E-book Authors for any budding or aspiring Author, but also deaf or hard of hearing person willing to write and get Published on this website. These books will be placed on Amazon and I do also have an International publisher where your books have the chance to be placed with Publishers such as, "Barnes & Noble" and "itunes" plus many more.


Now if you know anyone that is blind get together with them and write a book for them. These are the third key stage. From you I would like books on how you move with the sounds of consciousness, "Life narration". But also the feelings sounds give and the key, "How do those sounds and people make your Inner Experience feel" and yes that is your point in the larger story. Sounds of harshness and of pleasentness and those far away moments mental health people struggle to ignore. That is what I want from All of you as budding authors. A simple vocal tone can have harsh effects to the afflicted. I feel these book types are a key to re-educating someone that has lost the ability to think straight - whether via stress or disablement - or stay within the boundary limits of the Norms perceptive Inner Experience of peace and solitude. Here the learning method in your writing can teach a reader of your book how to guide the eyes via learning how to experience the way the blind use their ears to follow the facial and body emotions from people in a crowd making noise causing a happier Inner Peace Experience. These are the ideals I wish written into books by all you budding mentalists - professionals and amatures alike. All of you budding writers that would like a chance for an extra income can be published on this website. If you are a professional working with people like this then please use the contact page and you also will be very appreciated in applying to publish on this website.



If you were born with sight or hearing and have a mental illness I would especially like

books from you regarding your feelings and notions and how they make you feel

emotionally via your body language. If you look up write notes on what you felt, but also

what you saw. At these times look down again and write, I can tell you it can be very

theraputic doing these types of writing because it works as a distraction method that

creates a sense of conscious Inner Experiences that reapply you to the inner solitude.

If you check the rest of the website think about the languages of body and know

depression and mental ill-health of sublime voices are overcome because people that

suffer innuendo for not being able to raise their head in public need a new formula from

a body that has become depleted of Theory of Mind that is expressed via body language.

This latter state is a natural defence where the mind rules the body and not the other

way round. These are issues that can bring a Global community away from this type of body negative isses caused by loud mouth tones. So go on do someone a favour and start writing. It's not just money but it creates a great sense of achievement once you have written a transcript.


Last of all are the people that were like I once was - "Casualties of Consciousness" - in a state where I could not vocalise my inner turmoil outwardly because the system is built on paranoia and confusion via medicaments. These medicaments cause un-necessary Script Interpellation that totally oppresses at times because a confused look  - Ahem - medicaments don't work properly!? No because they could not lift their head as a defence? And yes, no one has re-taught them after medicaments have destroyed their lives and body. Some are suited to medicaments, it's just the find the right one!? Write that book people because caring has got to start somewhere.


Here I will extend to you a chance to All concerned - even those of 'Maybe' who are into body mentalism or those in a professional status I give a chance for you to join the community of of Publishing through our two methods of getting Your written stuff into Publication with Streetwise Mental Health Publishers.


Remember if you do decide to Publish as an Author here, or Self-Publishing then a website community base can be built that would involve the final frontier of humanities' bringing together a peaceful statement of: motions; notions; to sights and sounds and the right of all to a harmonic Buzzing in a wordless background giving T'ai chi ch'uan in a Performce of mild and laughable chat and solitude. So wordless? Ask anyone who's in mental illness as to how overworked we are...... We are not amused x





An immense thank you to GEORGE ALEXANDER for inspiring my continuance in business and our Google+ accounts.

The works You as Authors I wish written by you for publishing on this website. We - for a community to build here - You would have books written as Self-publishing Authors or Publishing Houses wanting to extend their aspects on lifes emotions and motions via E-books containing material on Self-Perception and Self-aware. Also Author's like You who perceive outer forces even if you feel they are delusional, not a part of reality or a dream or a waking daydreaming nightmare are also excellent production of written academia and aspiring people such as Yourselves who just want to get it all out. I do not accept written material with profanities and nature Incongruence These are the creation of the feelings and the mood that is the notion of conversation. These are books that any of You can write and become an Author because all forms of body language store the good and bad that helps shape and redefine cultural shifts and upheaval in Psychosociaized Fashion Trends localities because you are like many people living life skill improvements. A common good cause of many is to smile. But read through                                and You'll see there is more to smiling and laughing. You as The writer and achieving the status of Author gives others that coincides with other likeminded community members in different localised communities correspond to positivism of body techniques in a similarity language

system that forms a local, national, international and Cosmic Circle of Interstellar traveling Media data and storage reference. I say, You and Everyone should write and Become an Author with Your own Published E-book works. Like the Inter-stellar Statelite containing stored academic reader type computer data publications from professions and everyday stories and articles about nomal civilian activities. That could be You and Such as You who could one day add to that in an extension of going it alone with the Self-Publishing Package 


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Here is something I sent to the RHt Honourable David Cameron P.M:







Minimal Flextime contract (M.F.C).


For myself I am looking for the inclusion of the hourly ratio in this document.


1. In the M.F.C a system of 16hrs give the equivalence of 8 hrs at two days work. When in the system of a charity working place expenses were aloud. But what I say is benefits are that system. An example due to lack of public knowledge or otherwise: can I claim ‘Tax relief’ for my new desk because it is a business asset system?

Answer: benefits run that capitol system as a growth, where rebates may be offered on an equality system of tax rate growth. This via a rebate of the desk should the taxes of income and disablement benefits outweigh one and other. I looked at the tax website and it said it was different for the people on benefits.

2. When looking at the M.F.C the 16hr system cannot be applied on a rota applied as ‘Per week’. This being due to the fact of disablement due to physical and mental incapacities where trauma is intermittent. Rather the State should apply through stating 16hrsx52weeks = 832 a year(s) in the status of,

“Some weeks I’m more able to cope”, “We wish to work a normal as possible life”.

“We are not all criminals. It should be the able bodied disabled mending that church and cleaning that park along the highway not those on Community Service for robbing us ”. “We are not criminals sitting at home for the terror caused via ‘Script interaction of an old-style system’” - that I was once the ‘Interpellation’ with”?

“Why should they be awarded with a day out!”?

At this point the emotional age of a person given a social reward according to their Psychosocial Moratorium ‘Age group’ that the disabled belongs within! Here Community Mental Health Teams can co-ordinate. Cutting out benefit Pool Hall sessions would be an inclusion.

3. When looking for the ‘Social rewards’ only I disabled person can know when Core Identity is capable of work. Within the use of Temp Agencies for charity work and higher working capabilities a phone call to someone sitting there and then suddenly saying, “I would like to work this day” is only a phone call away from getting out to that social reward. This builds someone from Psychosocial Moratorium to an Ego Identity.


a. Under a M.F.C system the yearly workload load could now be considered as 832 hours in any given year.


Under the benefit rules of allowable earnings, £20 is allowed before admittance to Benefit Agencies. Now consider a mental health client and a reward scheme. At this point a worthy earner of cleaning up the Norm of Societies mess in the park is given to the Honour of a disabled working person. Especially those in mental health of:  Un-forgiven ‘in some’ but not forgotten.






Now We consider the States admittance of £20x52 = £1040 per year tax free. In this statement the encouragement can be given whereby M.F.C’s can give a form of ‘Tax free’ earners that have capabilities to earn a minimum wage, but also those that would like ‘An extra incentive’ at the, “States time of payments”: suggestion ‘Quarterly’ for those that are incapacitated. Another incentive movement for a M.F.C workload on the ‘Better days’ within a quarterly period.

However the disabled client much of the day is incapacitated in pain or afflicted via mental health drugs causing wakeful sleepiness. However say hello to the mental health client and you will get a conscious reply should they be at the level of the Norms hearing at that moment. Learn to be a bit more timid with us and never condescending.

But when Temp Agencies are a factor of ‘Only a phone call away’ a trigger at the right moment will cause a positive result feedback I would say here now: Self-Attained Ideological Conditioning. Mental health has a long way to go to understand an abrupt introduction when the hello from the client was extremely humble. It is not reverse psychology, rather judge the hello from the client and coordinate encouragement. Even the silent type would welcome a voice they could trust when looking at the mental health age of some and a child’s need to explore a bus route. I explicitly request some funds should be taken from criminal excursions to clean up the park under ‘Community service’! Groups for outings to the local pool hall is more for kids for that matter not grown men and women needing a nursemaid from my experiences who should be doing that within a group of friends with what some get paid (And that’s both groups). Here members can discharge into a social group where you check on its application periodically (surprise visits preferably) and not wasting extra money on wet nurses. This in turn may create a new era in how the benefit system could work on a self-sustaining level if the output via a high yield bank account interest system built on the taxes it rotates around when looking at the £20 a week.


So here We All can bring a labour force into small businesses as well as better fund distribution to all needing a helping hand via: a ‘Tax Incentive Zone’ for disabled workers wishing to work who are supported by benefits. At this point doing an extra 2 hours over the 832 hours is on a ‘Tax Incentive Zone’ basis to the employer for a small business that finds them good and reliable. Here the system is applicable to disablement benefits and how a ‘Social reward’ of being paid part of the taxes and £20 for lower workers of hours. In the disabled self employed it is an incentive via a tax rebate for a desk purchased in their work that their benefits paid for. Or in the latter expenditure and gain tax forms. As I suggested a quarterly issue could entice many wishing to work for what could total a necessary large incentive of £260.

If you assess a client of mental health who is capable of earning £100 for three days‘ when allowable and encouragement permits’ that with a quarter maximum payout the incentive of this ‘Tax Incentive Zone’ will cause small business growth where the amount like the extra hours or above £20 can be divided ‘Equally’ between the Government, business and client. But the previous 2 hours also has a tax liability and would need clarifying?


Also the inclusion is whereby extra hours worked creates a tax system whereby this is placed within the ‘Financial system’ and is paid according to hours only in the quarterly payments between establishments. So these so called disabled unemployables because of wage minimums and benefits, can work with this incentive simply because they are supported by benefits. However what I say is no to pool halls and yes let some of us repair that church for the ‘Social reward’ created in this ‘Tax Incentive Zone’. This can be distributed by sectors according to Government departments using companies such as Disablement Temp Agencies. Even a system that could be run by a private concern peered by a governmental department.

At this point also a system can work towards creating a stable Hub that runs itself through a basic input from ‘Sectors’ willing to find a stable workforce on a ‘Partial Tax free’ worker basis. This - in consideration should be based on company size and the ability of this Hubs ‘financial status’ governed between Government and the N.H.S Hubs.


A person working 16 hours a week at £10.00 per hour pays £3.00 in tax at 30%. That’s £24 per 8 hour shift, or £48 for those 16 hours. Now when this money is reflected as a third to all in a quarterly period the total incentive becomes £576.00 as the Social Reward.

So although the £7 per hour is deducted from the present system where – in reality – wages do not allow for a bonus above the benefit systems money. Whether it be a secretary or the good repairing of the religious buildings it still has a function in the latter of moving benefits and work to the deserving side. ‘Tax Incentive ‘ workers of the sometimes capable rather than diverting taxes to undeserving criminals. Obviously there are levels of criminality, but hey many are willing in mental health at the right moment, but many are childlike and have no body life skills because society can be oppressive to the timid because of loud mouth criminals.


There are three forms of workable classes:

b. Charities and religion giving Social skills and work experience.

c. Replacement of Community Service workers with the disabled receiving ‘Social rewards’ instead of un-necessary group outings to the pool hall in some.

d. General needs interpreted as experience skills when health permits.

If Temp Agencies can be considered as a ‘Target area’ then a system is already in place. It will need advertising to businesses as a whole, but those already using Temp Agencies could be told ‘First hand’ about this new scheme of the ‘Tax Incentive Zone’.

In theory of earlier and ‘Community service!’ then unburden the system of costly ‘Services’ and so giving the criminal time at home to reflect on a tag. Community Police spring to mind here. Here Society does not have to continue suffering the ‘Ball and chain of traditional Script’ methods, especially those trapped at home due to the idiosyncratic system built on the ‘Right to work’ in ignorance creating further notions of social paranoia via self-righteous psychiatrists.

When looking at the ratios placed on the amount of ‘Tax relief’ can be calculated on a maximum quarterly. Here business has their own concept of keeping with the ‘Good, but slower people’. Some of us in mental health are quite intelligent if you can get them talking about a ‘most desired work’.

A ‘Free workers movement’ who can be considered as Social cleaners, rather than the usual dirty rotten scoundrels. Sorry for being literal but I’ve found my voices like the first psychiatric consultant explained with responses of voices. He never mentioned that: voices in my Tinnitus frequency was what he failed to mention and that would be the final diagnosis before being discharged in ethics of a ‘Self-righteousness right to work’. Me I’m like the rest of you I’m trying to stop that loud mouthed criminal secretly shouting in my window, but I have gained insight through ‘Realisation’ of via having a strong willed sense of Self. If you visit:

you will see where I rebuilt my ignorance via book two on the website, but ‘criminals will be criminals’ and the whole bloody system likes them better than me to talk to. I am however trained in Evolutionary Psychology and can testify to other knowledge such as: Conscious Sensual Perception which can be considered in the field of Self Behavioural Analysis (U.S.A).

I hope this letter reaches you with positivism and shows a move that I feel is essential as a Social Scientist in terms of how the system is being built: where being the poor little EX-mental health client is punished in the name of a righteous rotten scoundrels shouting with voices at the end of the road to the sublime ignorant dominance. Many are blamed at these points this way in mental affliction. Who has the right to say a criminal is more entitled to clean the children’s’ play area in the park rather than an adult with learning disabilities? That’s right Dyslexia with inner self paranoia! Who knows they might become a playground attendant and can spot those spreading tonal paranoia in the voice! Even that were I used to study my Open University research in the coffee shops.  Good or bad is down to the hierarchical system where I’m only one small voice from mental health where I’m afflicted in body – via Scripting of mental health idiosyncratic ideologies - just for having the audacity to write this proposal without a qualifying pen writing certificate. And yes I checked that word on the internet.

Distinctive individual!

Individualist? Characteristic? Peculiar....

Once again please consider for appraisal my consideration into an update of a weekly quota of hours to a yearly period for people in my condition and a Conservative since Margret Thatcher.


Mark Harry Mathews, SocSci(open).