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Here an email I sent to                                               who asked for my life's how it started


Okay where do I start other than,

“Yes voices exist...yes the voice is actually said out loud”

And yes!

“Once some realised the psychiatrist did say voices”?


This was what my mind pondered on as I become deaf to the sound of Script of ‘Norm’(Erving Goffman, Open University, DD100, UK, and Milton Keynes. Phil Woodward, 2007) ‘Narration’. All I can say in those times - words – at the time reached me from nowhere. But being streetwise I remained alert and with clarity to forms of ‘Abnormal to be Normal’ but also, “Danger to mad/ness”?!

Businessman became the hunted!

Mad/ness? Yes the mad voices of Script ‘Dissension’. “Those voices of someone blaming you because they are good fun loving criminals to those needing salvation of a ‘loud mouthed....!’. That is the truth of blame in Script Dissension as Psychosocial (Open University, DSE212) ‘paranoia’ is the building of tonal energy that releases emotional/scent. That is where a Performance and the ‘Day/night/day continuum’ exist as pieces of Homeostatic settings’ narrations’. I experimented with views of this continuum and its’ Setting as a: truth of the Self inflicted self-righteous nothingness?


“Have you heard of Bi-cameralism”

“It’s a denial of medical, religious and political delusional silence”!?

“Clear the barrier to all and my E-Books tell you how to smile”!.....‘loud mouth or what’.

“They don’t use big-wig words like”...”Be happy” lol

“They show you the instructions to facialise” .

“Is BAMBAM picking on someone again”


Bi-cameralism exist in their state of passing where: denial is overcome to the state of ‘yes I hear myself’. At that point begins a story of ‘Self technologies’ (Foucault). I was alert because I didn’t have thought – in my truth of ascending ‘Script’ Dissension other than,

“I’ll take an overdose if you do that”.

A day or so later a visit to the minimart to buy cider and paracetamol. I walked in the cashier looked up, far and away and yes 12 hours later I was in the critical ward. Blip, Blip, Blip ‘sorry we have too check you every 15 minutes, I heard voice’ blip, blip, blip. Whilst I was recuperating I played computer chess against Kasparov and got a Then, routine said...routine mental health check....!? and !

“Me or them Kasparov”

“I’ve got an imagination about how thought truly exists ”

“Its a Lower Voice of Significance”

“Yes the Bi-cameral state can hear 10 miles away” but,

“Medication makes the system of the continuum confused”?

“Body language”.


Then came routine Ridgewood.

“The local fun loving criminal mental health institute”?

“It’s okay I understand you diagnose my delusional sounds”

“lol want to moan now.......secrets of poli-thepara-tics, heretics and witches”


These are a disease of Neocheating illuminate of America... I’m Lawn Mower Man...teddy bear !!!!!!’s

“I’m a ‘one atom’ that you need to discover”.



I’m in turmoil daily dealing with a true of ‘Norm’ face of society as a Neanderthal of the Garden of Eden due to,

“Medicaments they experimented on me with”. “My body has started to adjust to Norm of sound”

“As is my right to self-righteous madness”, “Bliss ignorance is the body”


“”That is my old C.P.N’s”

‘right to work ‘Madness’,’ His ‘voices’ not mine...! or ?..your turn now Globalists (DD100)..


So anyway, so it began in Ridgewood with,

“Take that...tablet...ahem in”

“Them or me”?...

“Polly got a Quacker”...experimental drugs and ducklings’ of old...ahem.


SORry where did I get to..still having flashback from drugs’

So right, anyway here’s the consultant and he stays spreading voices at me and.....

yes he responded each time and I thought’

“Wow human’s seem to have cognition”

“Yes I’m streetwise”. lol

Anyway around that time.....Sly blink. And yes more cognition between us with,

“DO YOU HEAR VOICES”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Yes”....emotion runs scared on the movie

“Well yes these people are dealing in fun loving wander why they are overworked with the crackers.

Now no one can say what happened in my world because of that,


“But what I say is I blame no one other than”

“Loud mouth politicians, spiritualists and just about every noise in time”

“Get the meaning nothing is to blame in Homeostatic Script of Psychosocial ‘Godhead’ (A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

“Yes I’ve discovered ‘Total quantum mass” but Script Dissension” took an overdose...Prove it..? or !..


Well now I can talk of how the Vagus nerve in the brain has become dysfunctional in terms of Tardif Dyskinesia causing sublime issues of voice via the ears, nose and throat including emotional tinnitus. I can live happy and serious and either way I practise the truth of my books that taught ‘us of me’ not to lie in terms of Script voices and body at all levels of ‘My’ Core Identity. I call my Life Narration of Script my Destiny.

“Do not invade my private home lightly with ‘loud mouths’ because Script has a part that I make amicable to my honest peak of civil tolerance before I speak like I did to the first consultant, “loudly including emotional tinnitus as one”. “My time of self-righteous singular motion of voices”.

“I long to go out at times into silent wander at being able to hold my head and watch the wonderment of people, trees and creatures passing by”!

Psychiatry wanted perfection I can be happy with my voices...can yours’?

So 23 years of now I’ve left the Open University and already writing the title at the time of 2004 ‘The healing of someone that once knew’. With,

“And yes I’m a Fundamentalist Socio-psychologist of Script and Interpellation” ‘Louis Althusser and Erving Goffman’, “So much of so little we could explain.

These E-books - nowadays are at my website . It’s a daily struggle where I defy anyone who wants to preach to my mental state of a Gardener via my padded to what are voices? I can say in 2015 I know exactly the answer. My life continues and I hope stupid people - in power - can once speak to me as is too: how primitive I find human knowledge...

I want to watch the world and say, “Yes I know you can hear Déjà Vu”, “It’s nonsense”...”Humble French look”... Lol....Fundamentalist, (DD100, Phil Woodward, 2007).


my world

and get us noticed.


Mark Harry Mathews, SocSci(open).

Hi Everyone,

This site contains two ebooks to purchase for only $21.99 that I have constructed to help heal mental health problems. But also improve body language skills. They are downloads that can be read with the 'Free Adobe readers' downloaded at the same as the book and the home page. The Adobe reader App mobile can also read                                                                                                                                                                    these Ebooks. I myself once - supposedly - suffered  from psychosis, schizophrenia                                                                  bi-polar,                            was not an issue because at that point I decided to write                                                                     these books. If you have been to the extra page via the 'Home' page a simplistic                                                                  smile and how it affects the emotions is explained. But that is only the start of raising  

yourself above the physical feeling of depression. This I say is the next stage of

leaving mental health and over-coming the feeling of being alone in a physical    

condition. Please read on their is more about this on this page.


Consider voices as real if you here them. Voices of sublime in the west are a matter

of paranoia. What I say of voices is that it's your 'Personal' life narration. Treat it as

you will, but always keep with respect, honour and integrity. My books will not allow

you to become a Control Freak because we have answers throughout time for witches.

I could be called mad for admitting voices are real, but 'Realisation' breeds 'Conscious

Ignorance' to subliminal voices. So to overcome what's going on inside at a sublime level the first book causes Self-assessment. From this point issues you have are then cancelled via a conscious Self-therapy allowing the body and mind to heal itself of its sublime issues. This is the state the second book of                             gives you. The right to a world of wordless body language that gives you a conscious ignorance factor. They were written by me in a method that allowed me to hear voices in a way that did not involve the paranoia as that route only causes a denial factor of your life narration. Spend time talking about - out loud - what you hear. Always remain with calm and honour where truths are acknowledged and lies are answered against with disrespectful tones of integrity. Do search now online for 'integrity' it has a defined meaning.



That is the trouble with mental denial of your lifes Script narration as    you cannot speak out about issues in your Psychological 'Script' or 'Buzz' in the crowds atmosphere. You never know you may end up like me and be studying that term in University or even for Self-improvement of Social Skills. Ever sounded like your emotion in your voice...'I did' but these books give you an edge by explaining how sounds and tones build an emotional conversation. Even laughing has key sounds that can be put into emotional vocal sound as I learnt whilst writing these books. Things like this type of ideology is what I studied when I was in that sublime state of mind. And do you know the hardest thing I had to do? It was look at people instead of looking at the ground.                  

Once that was overcome I started to purvey my own reactions to what I was seeing happening in a group discussion on the coffee table opposite. At these times when I sensed danger from looking I would sit and ponder on: what? how? why? I would not give up either untill I found the problem. At times it was my life narration and other times it was the stance of my body and facial language. I wrote as much as I could and I hope these books help you as much as they helped me in writing these therapy techniques


Mental health says voices are delusional. But in the Cycle of Enquiry voices in the head are due to a psychiatrists right to work. Believe in your voices like I did and you will accept what I did, "Ignorance to hierachies witchcraft of the right to work". In my

third academic book I Term these voices as: the Lower Voice of Significance. At this level madness becomes clarity of your life narration. Book 1 allows you to enter that state as a time of Psychosocial Moratorium and yes look that up on the internet. Via book two the formula it involves allows you to construct body and vocal tones away from insinuations of badness. That then extends to the Norm of Society as an established Ego Identity and yes another expression to  study. You've nothing to lose.




So what I will say is I have moved to another area where ultimation was called on truth. Nowadays I live in a conscious silence of body and mind, but away from the outer experiences caused by schizophrenia and the inner trauma of                           . I also have no desire to speak as I have no problems within, but speaking to my friends is never an issue where the intectual state of the human need to congregate and exist in harmony of body language and conversation. Having suffered mental health for many years I decided enough was enough. So at that point I started to think for myself and write what I felt inside. What I found was that I was in a state of sleepwalking in a sublime conscious enactment of hearing external noises that caused reactions of trauma inside. This trauma caused me to sway away from my inner thoughts of self to that of external noises causing voices. In this sublime sleepwalking state the need to move around and go out was also non-existent simply because of sublime notions of sleepwalking kept me seated, other than

for tea and coffee and sometimes - overcome with hunger the need to eat. What I wrote caused  

a change in my reactions to noises via my body, but also aneed to find the inner turmoil and to

then speak aloud of what was wrong inside of me. The books are designed to allow you to talk

through the taboo of lies that is mental illness. Whether that was to my Care Co-ordinators

or myself.

Simple training like smiling used to be an issue, but realisation of how a smile worked allowed

me to lift my lips, but also the outer part of the eyes as well. In this route sublime notions of

voices were also a part of curing trauma because a drooping face has the significance of

sleep. Next time you lay down feel your face and you will see what I mean. I also came to an

understanding that this stance is also the creation of depression where the outer part of the

eyes drooped with the mouth into sadness. At that point I jumped from mental illness and also                                                                         raised myself above the level of depression.You can use the button on any page to buy the books at $21.99 plus the second free as well. You will also receive the 'Free adobe reader' supplied via a web link button on the download page. May sound cheap, but I've been through the system. That's the reason I'm selling them so cheap, so as many people as possible can beat their system in amicable ways. And yes I need the money lol. Buy the way if all else fails: if you cant beat them then join the disease they wanted and not the illness.