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This website provides information required to enhance yourself into someone that is streetwise. The site also provides nutritional advice into what foods process. Neurochemicals like Acetylcholine that the body/brain barrier require to function in harmony. This is with the inner/outer Psychosocial of public interaction known as Interpellation, momentary bonding or a conjoining. From Depression to Lethargy and back to Being Gullible can all react via Body Mentalism to create Paranoia from daily Stress and Pressure that is thoughtfulness of Anxiety. This website studies my mental health views of the Harmony in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic trauma of the body/brain barrier where medicaments are meant to help with creating Ignorance and Disassociation. All this weighs down on the electro-chemicals given in nutrients as vitamins and minerals (nutraceutical).... Take a look at the menu above of someone that became educated in a streetwise knowledge of suffering Tardive Dyskinesia from medication.

In the main menu the Body/brain nutrients web pages explain how the body reacts to Psychological trauma. It not only reveals how traumatic mental illnesses but hearing voices as well form from the lack of these nutrients. These pages on Psychological trauma illnesses give explanation into the four main brain chemicals that can cause Psychologically traumatizing Chronic Inflammation in the brain. And the affects body mentalist’s notions of your Inner Experiences that can lead to the Psychological trauma of hearing voices and other mental illnesses. Glutamate, Dopamine, Histamine and Acetylcholine are all key factors in the Psychological trauma of the body/brain barrier of traumatic Psychological mental illness. G.A.B.A, Lysine and Enzymes are also mentioned and these also are body/brain barrier nutrients that lead to the trauma of hearing Psychological sublime voices and other traumatic Psychological mental illnesses. These all affect how you see traumatic mental illnesses in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve in the brains barrier between that and the body in the Vagus nerve of the Medulla Oblongata. Do think about the adverts on this site if you see something you like please click on it as it will help sponsor and run the site.

As I found in mental health some Psychological traumas of mental illnesses coincide with each other, so I suggest you take a good look around the menu.